Ranoj Pegu launches applications to speed up digitization system

Ranoj Pegu launches applications to speed up digitization system

Assam Education Minister Ranoj Pegu on Sunday launched three web-based applications in the state government’s attempt to speed up the digitization system.

Ranoj Pegu today launched three applications at the office of the Director of Samagra Shiksha Assam Mission.

The names of the three web-based applications are:

  • Inventory monitoring system

  • ICT Monitoring System

  • Account tracking system

Launching the three apps, Pegu said the state government is trying to speed up the digitization system.

Speaking about speeding up the digitization system, he said: “Each public school will receive a tablet before the new school year.”

“Previously, records of the distribution of various study materials were kept with pen and paper. However, from now on, the app helps you track and keep records of the subjects distributed in schools. This will help ensure that the materials reach the schools on time,” Pegu explained.

The Minister of Education said that the government is making efforts to create transparency in the department’s work.

The “Invoice Tracking System” application helps entrepreneurs and distributors track their invoices.

Moreover, Pegu said that an application will be introduced for private schools to obtain permission for their requirements in accordance with the prescribed rules and regulations.

Pegu has asked private schools to initiate the admission of 12 students of Class 11.

He also said that the Shiksha Setu app will monitor the attendance of students and teachers.

Speaking about Gunotsav, he said that the results will be announced by the end of March.

Last year, Ranoj Pegu launched three applications in the office of the directorate of the Comprehensive Education Mission to solve the problems of teachers in a digital way and to dynamize and make the educational work of government educational institutions more transparent.

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The applications were launched to improve the equipment of 26,000 contract teachers and 9,000 government pool teachers.

According to the sources, the education officials monitor the performance of the contract teachers through the application, after which the annual income should have increased based on their performance. Teachers can also conduct their own assessments through the app.

Another application has been launched to improve the infrastructure of schools.

Pegu said that there are 46,000 schools in the state and in this application they get daily information about infrastructure, infrastructure development measures.

The schools were inspected by ministers and cluster stars, and data was entered into the application based on the inspections.

In the system, there were 50 points for self-surrender, and action was taken if the teacher performed poorly during the inspection.

They also provided for dismissal in case of repeated poor performance.

Pegu warned the teachers and said, “Everyone must follow the teacher rules. There’s still time, let’s fix it. Don’t make us make the final decision.”

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