Pump Rules Tom Sandoval Kristen Doute Relationship Timeline

Pump Rules Tom Sandoval Kristen Doute Relationship Timeline

Romantic rewind! With Tom Sandow and Kristen Doute dated years before it was made Vanderpump Rules debut – and its ups and downs were reality TV gold.

Doute began working at SUR in 2008, a year after her relationship with Sandoval began. However, the couple’s romance didn’t survive the reality TV curse, as they called it quits in 2013 shortly after Seasons 1 and 2 of the Bravo series were taped.

During the show’s sophomore season, which shot in the spring of 2013, the cracks in Doute and Sandoval’s dynamic became clear. Their relationship has been plagued by cheating rumors and scandals on both sides, which they addressed during their Season 2 reunion in 2014.

James Mae’s founder slept with Costar Jax Taylor while they were still dating Sandoval, while the Schwartz & Sandy co-owner admitted to kissing the co-star Ariana Madix before he and Doute officially separated. (Taylor tried to get his ex-girlfriend back Stassi Schroeder when she had sex with Doute.)

“I understand from the fans’ point of view that this is something that people will always talk about and I’ve accepted that and now I’ve forgiven myself,” Doute wrote in his memoir, which was released in June 2020. It drives me crazy, referring to his 2013 clash with Taylor. “And I think Jax has forgiven himself, and I think we’ve forgiven each other, and I know Tom has forgiven me. So that’s enough for me.”

While Sandoval insisted that he and Madix did nothing but kiss when they dated Doute, the former TV personality wasn’t convinced.

“When we broke up, he immediately started dating someone – or you know, maybe they were dating secretly; never have to deal with it but can theorize about it in my own book!! And now I love both,” Doute wrote in his memoir. “I decided to let it all go because whether or not I believed the rumors about a couple of illicit dates behind my back were true or not, it didn’t matter anymore.”

He added: “A girl can’t actually steal someone’s boyfriend. He chose to leave me of his own free will, and he chose to be with her on his own free will. I had to let them be happy. … They had to find their own way to forgive me.”

Sandoval and Madix dated for nine years Us Weekly In March 2023, she confirmed that Bartenders had split amid her relationship with costar Raquel Levis. As the scandal made waves among Bravo fans, Doute was one of the first people to get Madix’s back.

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“I don’t know why I feel the need to make this clear, but a lot of people are wondering right now if it makes me happy,” the designer revealed. Vanderpump Rules for eight seasons before being fired in 2020, he wrote on Instagram in March 2023. “You guys, Ariana and I have been really good friends for many, many years. So I’m Team Ariana – all day, every day. That’s it.”

Scroll down to relive Doute and Sandoval’s ups and downs before and after their 2013 split:

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