Protect the “Children of the Stars” – Soul App’s new campaign inspires young users

Protect the “Children of the Stars” – Soul App’s new campaign inspires young users

SHANGHAI , March 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — “Thank you everyone. It was heartwarming. (We will) continue,” reads a message left by a parent of an autistic child in an online group chat.

In China, autistic children are also called “children of the stars” because they communicate and perceive the world differently, like a star shining alone in another world. THE 2019 Report on Developments in the Autism Education and Treatment Industry noted that there were more than 10 million individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in China that year, including more than 2 million children under the age of 12. Behind these factual numbers is the reality of parents and children “trapped” by autism, who need urgent attention and support from society as a whole.

To increase public understanding and awareness of ASD, Soul App partnered with the WABC Charitable Foundation to host an online philanthropic music party called “Stars Meet Songs” that brought Soulers (SOUL users) together to give encouragement and support to these stars his children. musical medium. All proceeds from ticket sales on SOUL’s social media will go to WABC, a non-profit organization dealing with art-based special education, which will be used to treat children with autism.


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Distribution loneliness with love

Among the participants of the Stars Meet Songs campaign, one “Feather” alias is the mother of an autistic child who has been involved in her child’s lonely journey for a long time.

At first, Feather couldn’t bring herself to accept the reality of her child’s diagnosis and teetered on the edge of a mental breakdown. Tense and tired, he was trying to find some breathing room when he found the SOUL. Here, Feather was able to voice feelings she would have often held back, encouraged by the healing power of the friendly atmosphere, heartfelt story-sharing and uplifting encouragement.

When he found out about SOUL’s Stars Meet Songs, Feather signed up without a moment’s hesitation and wrote the thank you message at the beginning of this article during the activity.

Along with Feather’s words of thanks, Soulers also sent his best wishes to the children of the stars, which perhaps best exemplifies the purpose of “Stars Meet Songs” – to promote social understanding and acceptance of children with autism and the challenges they face, and to mobilize support to light up the “starry sky “, even if you live in another world.

Showing kindness through actions

More and more encouraging stories unfolded on SOUL. Since its launch in 2016 on the Internet with the idea of ​​kindness, equality and friendship, the app has gathered a lot of compassionate and cheerful young people who do good to show their selfless support.

Stars Meet Songs is hosted by an active Souler @Night who has been with SOUL for over 1600 days. The inspiring engagement on the platform gave him the idea to help others. “SOUL is a warm platform that works with us to do charity work and promote benevolent love,” said @Night. Through his own altruistic efforts, he seeks to inspire more and more people to action, embodying a large group of socially minded souls.

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@YzH is one of them. He takes care of underprivileged children living in mountainous areas, and together with volunteers from other charities, he has done a lot to help: providing necessities, organizing interesting activities, running water and improving the classrooms of the schools there.

With the same philanthropic enthusiasm, @zhiling dedicated herself to volunteer teaching. She does much more than teach arts and crafts or play fun games with country kids; introduces them to the life of the outside world and teaches them moral values. In addition to financial support, @zhiling also provided essential care and company. As a volunteer teacher, he traveled far and wide, from Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan to Liantang Village in Guangzhou and Xiaolingtou in Zhejiang.

Many more young people are telling their amazing, unique volunteer stories on SOUL, which strives to create an atmosphere full of love and warmth and continues to embrace its social responsibility. By enriching the forms of charity, the platform provides opportunities for younger generations to bring out their best qualities and contribute to communities at the same time.

As part of its philanthropic efforts, SOUL teamed up with WABC to launch “Different Socks Day,” raising public awareness of prejudice against disadvantaged groups. Together, they organized an artistic charity exhibition entitled “The special, not lonely” and held an activity called “LÍLEK happy star home” for those who shine alone at the end of 2022, to raise awareness and share joy and strength with children with ASD.

As a social platform sought after by younger generations, SOUL has become an ideal place for them to share their volunteer experiences and participate in charity events. Leveraging its strengths, it will continue to grow without losing sight of its social responsibilities, while combining the wisdom and strength of younger generations to make social life warmer.

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