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Prime Minister apologizes for canceling Disney+, acknowledges privilege

Prime Minister apologizes for canceling Disney+, acknowledges privilege

After angering her constituents with a widely considered insensitive and tone-deaf analogy about canceling her Disney+ subscription, Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland has apologized.

By Michileen Martin | Published

After being hounded by her constituents for equating her decision to cancel her Disney+ subscription to the financial woes of ordinary people, Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland has walked back her comments. As reported by The Star, on Monday the deputy prime minister acknowledged her privilege compared to the average Canadian citizen.

“I’m a very privileged person, for sure,” Freeland said. “Like other elected federal leaders, I get a really substantial salary. I really recognize that it’s not people like me, people who have my real happiness, who are struggling the most in Canada.”

Over the weekend, as reported by Yahoo! and others, Freeland angered many Canadians after using her decision to cut her Disney+ subscription as an example of how others could cope with the rising cost of living. “I personally, as a mother and a wife, look closely at my credit card bill once a month,” Freeland said.

“And last Sunday I said to the children: ‘you are older now. You don’t watch Disney anymore. Let’s cut the Disney+ subscription.”

Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, whose family suffered under the crushing weight of a Disney+ subscription

Now, in case you’re wondering – no, the furor against Freeland had nothing to do with Canadians being particularly passionate Disney+ fans.

Instead, many people in the country took the anecdote in the context of the higher cost of living to be out of touch, reeking of privilege, tone-deaf and insulting. Some also argued that it inserted the idea that lower-income people don’t deserve creature comforts like subscriptions to Disney+ or other streaming services. You can see some examples of the Canadians’ criticism below.

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“They are people across the country who are earning low incomes, who are really finding that today’s high prices mean they have to make difficult choices about what food to buy, whether to buy groceries or save the money to pay the rent,” Chrystia Freeland said in her statement earlier this week, going back to her Disney+ anecdote. “It’s this recognition that the people in Canada who are struggling for whom inflation is really a direct, personal challenge.”

While Chrystia Freeland’s Disney+ example may have been tone-deaf, the truth is that examining streaming service costs is something we’re all being forced to do right now; along with everything else. Services like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+ and yes Disney+ have either already raised their prices or are in the process of doing so.

There has so far been no discussion as to why the Deputy Prime Minister’s children did not watch Disney+. Okay, they might not want to see Bluey longer, but it’s still all the Marvel movies and all the Star Wars content. And they will soon merge with Hulu, opening up more adult content.

I mean, come on, Freeland’s kid. Stop reading so many books and binge The Mandalorian already. Have you seen Baby Yoda? Forget it.

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