Photos of Kuami Eugene’s girlfriend, which he denied in an interview

Photos of Kuami Eugene’s girlfriend, which he denied in an interview

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As the singer allegedly lied during the interview, he is single and not in any kind of romantic relationship or anything.

Eugene Kumasi explained that any lady who is aggressive enough to date him is subjected to daily harassment and tools on social media from her haters – and no one wants to put their daughter through such trauma.

In his own words;

“I’m not dating… Right now I know it’s going to be really hard to date. You have to be tough to date me.

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Right now, women, girls, everyone, including men, want a man… If you want it to be mine, it takes sacrifices because people won’t let you. Kuami is not allowed to be yours alone. You’re going to get a lot of hate… people are going to hurt you, they’re going to come at you.” he objected.

Reacting to the rock star’s public disassociation, a pained Linda issued a stern warning to all fans of the singer who bring her Kuami Eugene a gift because he is not a delivery person and they have been together as lovers for a long time.

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He also warned those planning to send long birthday messages to the singer later to stay away from her inbox and immediately destroy such intentions.

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In another post, she revealed that she regrets ever agreeing to be romantically involved with entertainment company LYNX.

For the time being, Linda has blocked Kuami Eugene on all social media platforms because it is more obvious that the musician does not value their relationship and the right thing to do is to counsel himself and let him enjoy his ‘single life’.

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Netizens who are currently following the online breakup and name draw are eager to see the current pictures of Linda, who has now become a social media sensation.

Linda is undoubtedly a very beautiful woman who also has natural gifts.

She has very clear glowing skin that suits her figure 8 and a pretty face and is probably the woman most men want to break up with even if she has a toxic quality because many men are only attracted to her looks, what he looks for in a woman. .

Take a look at some stunning pictures of Linda who was now Kuami Eugene…

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