Nikki Grahame’s mother is calling for dangerous diet apps to be banned after her daughter’s tragic death

The Sunday Mirror has signed off on several apps that encourage people to lose weight by starving themselves, with some users boasting that they have starved for five days or more.

Nikki Grahame, who has died aged 38, rose to fame after entering Big Brother(PA)

The mother of tragic Big Brother star Nikki Grahame is among campaigners calling for a ban on ‘sick’ fasting apps which encourage weight-loss people to starve themselves.

Impressive young people – many of them struggling with eating disorders – can download some ‘incredibly dangerous’ platforms for free.

This newspaper registered a number of apps and discovered scores of anorexic teenagers using them – some boasting of starving themselves for five days or more.

Sue Grahame, whose daughter Nikki died aged 38 in 2021 after a lifelong battle with anorexia, said the apps should be “scrapped”.

He said: “It’s appalling that these apps even exist. If people need to lose weight, they should see a registered dietitian through their GP.

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Sue Grahame is among the campaigners pushing for a ban(ITV)

“I paid the price for my daughter’s life by being so heavily involved in the idea of ​​losing weight, so any app that promotes calorie counting and fasting feels wrong.”

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