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New Willow Series ReAction Figures from Super7 revealed

New Willow Series ReAction Figures from Super7 revealed

If Disney+ is Willow series have you longing to venture into Tir Asleen for some magical exploits, but find yourself without a Nelwyn wizard to guide you, Super7 has your solution. The collectibles company just released a new line of ReAction figures to accompany the series, and Collider is excited to exclusively reveal the full set, featuring a handful of beloved characters both familiar and new, as well as a couple of villains to fill out the ranks

The new Willow: The Magic Lies Within The collection features six 3.75″ figures of both the series’ heroes and villains, including Willow Ufgood herself, ready for whatever the forces of darkness have to throw at him. Also included on the heroes’ side is Kit Tanthalos, princess of the realm and daughter of Sorsha and Madmartigan , her loyal knight Jade, and her kitchen helper Dove, whose potential is more than she could have ever dreamed of.Both Kit and Jade come with sword accessories – Kit carries her mother’s jagged blade – while Dove carries fairy Cherlindrea’s wand, and Willow is equipped with her loyal staff to fight the evil Gales the best way he knows how: with magic and his friends by his side.

On the more sinister side, The magic lies within The collection also includes Head Cage, the ferocious monster of The Gales who uses his size and chains wrapped around his arms to intimidate enemies, as well as Commander Ballantine, Jade’s once-close mentor who takes a dark turn when the realm is invaded by a supernatural threat. The latter is equipped with a sword, and both are formidable foes for Willow and his party, outnumbered as they are.

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Image via Disney+

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Explore the world of Willow With Super7’s figures

The complete kit pairs perfectly with Super7’s existing Willow characters, which include a younger version of Willow, as well as the beautiful Madmartigan and the evil Queen Bavmorda, as well as her evil general Kael and her daughter (and possible love interest for Madmartigan) Sorsha. Each figure in both sets is articulated and finely detailed, a perfect addition to the collection of a fantasy lover looking for some Lucasfilm nostalgia.

The Willow: The Magic Lies Within collection is available for purchase on Super7’s website, and the first four episodes of Willow, the main role Warwick Davis, Ruby Cruz, Erin Kellyman, and more, is now streaming on Disney+. You can check out the trailer for the series below:

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