New feature in Google Contacts app: Birthday notifications for users : Tech : Tech Times

New feature in Google Contacts app: Birthday notifications for users : Tech : Tech Times

Google is constantly working to improve its apps for its users, and the Contacts app is a perfect example of that. The Highlights tab was recently updated with a new “For You” section. Displays cards with upcoming birthdays for saved contacts, with hotkeys to call or text them.

A centralized hub for contact information: The new “You” tab in Google Contacts

According to Giz China’s story, the update will save users time by eliminating the need to search for birthdays in other apps. It makes users’ lives easier and more organized by keeping all their contact information in one centralized hub.

In recent years, Google has made a huge effort to improve its applications. This is no more evident than in the Contacts app, which has received several updates. The updates bring smooth performance and improved features and try to make the app a one-stop solution for managing users’ contacts.

One such recent update is the new “For You” section, as explained in an article by 9to5Google. The For You tab includes features that allow hotkeys to call users’ contacts and view their saved contacts’ birthdays that are coming up in the next few days.

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Add birthdays to the Contacts app: an easy way to keep track of your contacts’ birthdays

They are listed with easy-to-use buttons that users can use to wish them a happy birthday. It’s worth noting that they need to save their friends’ birthdays in the app to see them in the Highlights tab.

Interestingly, users cannot set birthday reminders for their contacts in Google Calendar. However, the Contacts app makes it easy for users to keep track of their contacts’ birthdays, so they can wish them a happy birthday even if they forget.

Also, if there is overlap between Google Assistant features, it could still be a welcome addition. If users want to try out the new feature, they can visit their device’s Play Store and check for updates to the Contacts app.

Check the Play Store for an update to the Contacts app

There are other ways to check for updates that a user can easily search for online. With its improved features, the Contacts app further proves that Google is committed to constantly improving its gadgets and apps.

However, the update is still rolling out in different regions, so users may not find it yet. According to an article by Android Police, to make sure you can access the new feature, go to the Play Store and make sure the Contacts app has been updated.

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Use the latest features in the Google Contacts app

If it has not been updated yet, users can click the “Update” button to download the latest version. Google is making big strides to make our lives easier and more organized, and the latest update to the Contacts app is no exception.

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By adding useful features like the upcoming birthdays section, Google ensures that users can access all their contacts in one place. While the service is always available in different regions, update the app to ensure users have access to this feature.

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