Monevium has announced the launch of the app

Monevium has announced the launch of the app

Monevium, a UK-based authorized payment institution offering a modern and simple way to manage money, has recently announced the launch of its intuitive mobile app. This latest feature allows Monevium users to manage their entire account from a single app.

The FCA-regulated company provides fast and secure payment options for managing your everyday finances. With the Monevium Euro IBAN account, users can send and receive money worldwide, as well as transfer money between Monevium clients, and the launch of the mobile app makes this process even easier.

Monevium account holders can access the full functionality of their account by simply logging in using Face ID on the app’s home screen.

The wide range of features within the mobile app include features that help you get the most out of the mobile app in the increasingly ‘mobile-first’ world we live in, including the ability to use virtual debit cards and physical debit orders. cards directly from the app.

Monevium customers can view all card and account statements in real time within the app and easily retrieve previous statements.

Gone are the days when you had to enter a PIN code for your bank card, which is often required to withdraw cash from ATMs or verify purchases in stores with a physical bank card, as the Monevium app stores your PIN code securely. linked to their card, meaning that Monevium account holders can securely look it up in the app at any time without fear of misplaced or unauthorized access, as would happen with PINs written in paper files.

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If a Monevium account holder needs to report the absence of a physical card, there is no need to contact customer service, as it is often essential to block the card immediately if it is detected to be missing. Instead, Monevium account holders can immediately stop using any Monevium physical card through the app, and if the card is found, it can be instantly reactivated through the app.

In line with the truly global nature of today’s economy, Monevium account holders can make international payments within the app via the SWIFT network or the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) system, which is very innovative compared to many traditional banking systems that require their customers to log into websites to conduct international transactions. instead of facilitating them through a mobile app like Monevium.

Monevium account holders can quickly and easily transact with each other through the peer to peer (P2P) payment feature available in the Monevium app, which allows Monevium customers to make internal payments.

Ordering new or replacement cards can be done within the mobile application, and card details can be displayed with the push of a button, so online shopping becomes easy even without additional supplies.

Alexey Stepanov, Managing Director of Monevium, comments “The Monevium mobile app aims to promote the ‘mobile-first’ nature of everyday life in the modern economy. Monevium’s customers are at the forefront of modern living, and the multitude of functions provided by the mobile application make it easy to track transactions and manage new ones, regardless of location, all in one place, on a user-friendly platform.”

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“This is just the first step in our mobile journey. We plan to introduce a lot of features in the coming months, including an enterprise app with enterprise cards; balance top-up from bank cards; support for multiple currencies; and many more that will only enhance the user experience with Monevium.”

Users interested in opening an account with Monevium can visit and register an account in minutes.

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