Mobile app development trends in 2023

Mobile app development trends in 2023

This means that the proliferation of mobile commerce through in-app purchases (m-commerce) is likely to drive growth, richer user experiences, and greater security at a time when threat actors are as innovative and determined to succeed as legitimate platforms and brands.

These trends are increasingly relevant to the South African market as app adoption has soared thanks to the rise in smartphone adoption. This is because devices are becoming more affordable and the South African population is more connected than ever before.

All this at a time when consumers spent $167 billion directly on premium app purchases and in-app extras worldwide, while brands invested $336 billion in ad spend in the app market.

This means that in-app commerce will exceed half a trillion dollars in 2022.

Apps are not just for gaming and commerce. Among the prominent application categories a Mobile Status 2023 According to the report, three categories of apps accounted for 50% of time spent on mobile devices, and these were all video and social sites.

TikTok is one of only two non-gaming apps to account for $6 billion in consumer spending of all time, with over 3.5 billion downloads – double that of the much older YouTube!

If this is the context in which apps are developed and marketed, what are some of the trends we can expect to see in the rest of 2023?

Click on m-commerce

The mobile gaming sector is growing at an exponential rate, creating significant opportunities for gaming commerce as this industry pushes the boundaries of technology to create cutting-edge and highly immersive entertainment experiences.

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This provides significant commercial opportunities for brands to leverage the skills and creativity of developers to find enticing ways to connect with consumer gamers. At the same time, it offers countless new opportunities for marketers to reach their target audience with in-app ads and purchases relevant to consumers in markets, regardless of their maturity level.

Keep things comfortable

Consumers and brands are benefiting from increased productivity and efficiency gains through the increased adoption of mobile services, which means that mobile must now be at the heart of brands’ business strategies.

An effective mobile strategy allows you to reach a wide audience, improve the customer shopping experience and increase online conversions. It is also important to highlight the rise of e-payments, which boosted the popularity of digital shopping.

At the same time, mobile wallet usage is estimated to grow to 4.8 billion mobile wallets by the end of 2025, coinciding with consumers’ increasing emphasis on security and responsiveness as they become disenchanted with traditional banks and legacy financial systems.

Pay attention to safety

While the regulatory environment has responded to privacy and security concerns with POPIA in South Africa and GDPR in Europe, users remain concerned about the privacy and security of their personal data, with identity theft, phishing and other online crimes becoming more common. with his divorce.

This presents challenges for application teams as they must increasingly protect privacy and user data through steps such as authentication and encryption, while being transparent about the data they collect and how it is protected.

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Keep it simple…seriously!

With so many apps available for tasks as diverse as gaming and finance, productivity and fitness, app users can be overwhelmed by the options at hand – and in a market like South Africa where data costs are still high , many cannot enjoy the optimal experience offered by their devices and applications.

A nearby file sharing platform like SHAREit, which supports both online and offline modes, brings all the files on your phone under one umbrella and helps users manage them more conveniently and smoothly. In 2022, the app took transformative steps to optimize the mobile experience and make users more productive.

In addition to the high-speed file sharing feature, it also includes features that help boost the performance of your mobile smartphone while gaming, such as:

  • Phone cleaner
  • Phone Booster
  • Battery saver and
  • File manager.

“SHAREit is the most popular app by downloads worldwide Utilities & Productivity / File Management – Top 20 Global App Subgenres according to 2022 Mobile Status 2023 report from,” says Chanel Hardman, SHAREit South Africa Country Manager.

This includes the following sequence:

  • the world’s number four media source in terms of volume and performance in non-gaming categories,
  • seventh in all categories on the In-App Purchases (IAP) index, and
  • According to AppsFlyer, it ranks eighth in the global retention index across all categories, driving huge volumes.

“At SHAREit, we work with more than 700 global advertisers to help them drive awareness, acquire users, and seamlessly monetize users across extensive audience networks—all of which respond directly to the market’s expected trends in 2023,” adds Hardman.

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Hardman concludes: “This is true for all app categories in South Africa, but especially for shopping, food and grocery, and video streaming.”

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