Microsoft will soon introduce its new ChatGPT-like artificial intelligence in Word, PowerPoint and Outlook

Microsoft will soon introduce its new ChatGPT-like artificial intelligence in Word, PowerPoint and Outlook

Microsoft is preparing to show how new ChatGPT-like artificial intelligence will transform its Office applications. After announcing and showing its Prometheus model in its new Bing search engine earlier this week, Microsoft is preparing to show how it extends its core productivity apps like Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans say The edge that the company is preparing to detail its productivity plans for integrating OpenAI’s linguistic AI technology with its Prometheus model in the coming weeks. The software giant is tentatively planning an announcement in March that will highlight how quickly Microsoft wants to reinvent its search and productivity apps through its OpenAI investments.

Microsoft already uses OpenAI technology for Viva Sales emails.
Image: Microsoft

The information It was previously reported that GPT models were being tested in Outlook to improve search results, in addition to features that suggested responses to emails, and Word document integration to improve user writing. Just a week ago, Microsoft announced a new generative AI experience in Microsoft Viva Sales. It uses Azure OpenAI and GPT to create sales emails and is similar to some of the features Microsoft is testing in Outlook.

While Microsoft’s new Prometheus model (which is based on a next-generation OpenAI model) has already transformed Bing’s web searches, the next steps to integrate this feature into core Microsoft Office apps and Teams will test how confident Microsoft is about artificial intelligence. in the work of intelligence. Technically, you can already use the Prometheus model in your Office web apps, thanks to the integration of the Bing sidebar in the Microsoft Edge browser.

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Microsoft Edge’s new Bing AI sidebar now works with web-based Office apps.

This sidebar includes a letter writing page that provides an early preview of some of the work that Microsoft is testing for Word and Outlook. Microsoft is also working to generate charts and graphics for PowerPoint, according to sources. Bing can already generate tables and charts for basic data, but turning them into visual graphics for presentations or even use in Excel is a logical next step.

Microsoft is moving fast with this integration primarily because of Google. Sources will tell you The edge that Microsoft originally planned to launch the new Bing AI at the end of February, but pushed the date to this week, just as Google was preparing its own announcements. Google then announced its ChatGPT rival, Bard, a day before Microsoft’s event.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella wants the software maker to become a leader in artificial intelligence and counter rival Google’s response. In fact, he’s so keen to get Microsoft to steer him in this direction that he arrived early to the company’s Bing AI event on Tuesday morning. While the event was scheduled for 10:00 a.m., Nadella wanted to start 20 minutes earlier. Because of this, event organizers started earlier than expected, with the event starting five minutes earlier than scheduled and Nadella appearing on stage two minutes before the original 10:00 a.m. PT start time.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella took the stage early at the Bing event.
Image: Microsoft

Internally, many Microsoft executives are confident that Bing is well ahead of Google with AI and its upcoming integration into productivity apps. But they’re also cautious, warning employees to watch out for rivals who want to disrupt their productivity businesses in the same way that Microsoft is trying to disrupt Google’s search business.

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Nadella’s push for artificial intelligence in Microsoft products is driven by consumer response to ChatGPT. UBS analysts estimate that ChatGPT reached 100 million monthly active users after just two months. More than 1 million people signed up for Bing’s waiting list in 48 hours, and Bing was the third most popular app on the App Store in the US on Thursday.

In 2023, Microsoft wants to seize the opportunity of artificial intelligence and unlock some features and powers of its Prometheus model that it has not yet discussed publicly. Artificial intelligence will be all the rage throughout the tech industry for the rest of the year as Microsoft and Google battle it out for the future of search and AI.

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