Meta is developing a new decentralized social application.

Meta is developing a new decentralized social application.

Could this game change the sinking ship of the Meta?

Meta is developing a new decentralized social app called P92 that allows users to share text updates.

According to a statement from a Meta spokesperson, the app provides a dedicated space for creators and public figures to share breaking news related to their interests. P92 is still under development and Meta has not said when the app will be released.

However, it has been revealed that users will be able to log into the app using their Instagram credentials. It’s worth noting that this may raise concerns about sharing data with another Meta application.

Meta’s move into the decentralized social media space is seen as an attempt to build a Twitter alternative or competitor to Mastodon. The Mastodon network is part of Fediverse, a network of decentralized servers that support the ActivityPub protocol.

Meta’s new app also plans to support ActivityPub, making it easier to connect to other instances like Mastodon. It’s important to note that Meta has had mixed success with launching new apps and experiences in the past. However, this new decentralized social app could change the social media industry.

This is a step towards privacy-focused and user-driven social networks. The development also highlights growing interest in decentralization, as other companies such as Bluesky, which is backed by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, have launched their own decentralized applications.

Although there are competing protocols, diverse protocols and applications based on them are vital to innovation and industry development.

Overall, the development of P92 is exciting news for social media fans, and we look forward to seeing how Meta’s new decentralized social app will compete with existing platforms.

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It’s a step towards more user-driven social networks and could potentially change the landscape of the industry.

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