“Me + You Are One” and 29 Other Cute Ways to Say “I Love You” in a Text

“Me + You Are One” and 29 Other Cute Ways to Say “I Love You” in a Text

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  • Dr. Callisto Adams, its founder hetexted.com, a dating and relationship advice source says there are more sophisticated and engaging ways to say “I love you.”
  • Here are 30 ways to say this three-letter word.
  • One text read: “Screw the butterflies! Every time I’m with you, I have a tiger running in my stomach.”

Receiving a random text from the person you love can give you a pleasant giddy feeling and endless smiles. It’s a love language that simply works. While some people still struggle with saying the three-letter word “I love you,” they can find better words to say it.

Dr. Callisto Adams, founder of Hetexted.com, a dating and relationship advice resource, says there are more sophisticated and engaging ways to say “I love you.”

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If you want to tell your partner how strong your feelings are, or if you receive the following types of texts, then you know that this is how your partner expresses his deep feelings for you.

1. You bring me joy!

2. You just put a smile on my face.

3. How did I ever get so lucky to meet you?

4. How is it that just thinking about you makes my day better?

4. Screw the butterflies in! Every time I’m with you, a tiger runs in my stomach.

5. You are my only one.

6. You are my missing puzzle piece. I’m so glad I found you!

7. You complete it in the best possible way.

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8. Why do I see your face in everything that surrounds me?

9. I don’t think I had any idea what love was until I saw your face.

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10. Every day is much better when you are by my side.

11. Remember that I will always be here for you.

12. One thought of you and my heart explodes!

13. I’m counting the days until you come back.

14. I can’t go another day without seeing him.

15. Listen, I miss you and the weather is cloudy and rainy since you have to go to work. I want my sun back.

16. You make my world a better place.

17. You are my person.

18. Nothing and no one can ever compare to you.

19. You are my everything.

20. You are my sunshine, my joy and my love.

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21. Sure, I’m stupid. But I’m stupidly in love with you.

22. Every day with you is my favorite day.

23. Even my couch misses you.

24. The moment our eyes met, I knew.

25. When you entered my life, my heart stopped for a moment.

26. I don’t want to start dreaming without you in it.

27. When I close my eyes, I see you.

28. Do you know that me + you equals one?

29. Hurry home. I miss you!

30. I must have saved the world, nay, the entire universe in my past life to deserve this.

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