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“Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom” returns to National Geographic and Disney+ in early 2023

“Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom” returns to National Geographic and Disney+ in early 2023

An all-new season of “Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom” premieres on January 1, 2023 on National Geographic, and all episodes will be released on Disney+ on January 4, 2023.

Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom Season 2

The show continues from Season 1 with an all-access pass to explore the magic of nature at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, The Seas with Nemo & Friends at EPCOT and Tri-Circle-D Ranch, home to more than 300 species and over 5,000 animals.

Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom was filmed over five months in 2022

This 10-episode docu-series showcases the wide variety of animals in Disney’s care, and the dedicated team of animal experts who handle the animals’ needs around the clock, from pulling a big tooth from Lil Joe the manatee; to throw a birthday party for Galápagos tortoises; releasing sea turtles back into the wild after rehabilitation; hatching baby flamingos and more.

Here’s a look at every episode of “Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom” Season 2 that was filmed over 5 months in 2022.

“Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Giraffe Jam”

Sun. Jan. 1 at 8/7c on National Geographic and Nat Geo WILD

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Giraffes on the savanna hold up guest traffic and find a way to get more food from keeper Rory; Tolstoy, the over 100-year-old sea turtle, undergoes treatment to help him eat properly; a new hippo Rosie tries to make friends with the rest of the Bloat; and an aging brown collared lemur celebrates his birthday in style.

“Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Sea You Later, Turtles!”

Sun 1 January at 9/8c on National Geographic and Nat Geo WILD

Love is in the air when elephants Nadirah and Mac go on their first date, hopefully creating a new life. Cinderella’s pony Lilly fulfills her destiny and makes a bride’s dream come true. Baby wild turtles hatch at Disney’s Vero Beach, and Spike the gorilla struggles with the lasting effects of a dangerous infection and severe osteoarthritis.

“Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Sea Turtle SOS”

Fri 6 January at 10/9c on National Geographic

A group of rescued wild sea turtles arrive at EPCOT in need of urgent medical care before being released back into the ocean, a young rhino gets special treatment backstage after he breaks his horn, the Disney team creates a new chew toy to entertain the lion pride, and Heidi Hartmann’s mountain zebra gives birth!

“Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Okapi Bundle of Joy”

Fri 13 January at 10/9c on National Geographic

Olivia the pregnant okapi has a successful ultrasound scan and delights her keepers by giving birth to a healthy baby, Logan the raven learns a few new tricks before wowing the crowd with his stage show, Princess the elderly mandrill arrives at the park looking for a new home and family, and Disney’s first blacktip shark is preparing to join the premier underwater environment at The Seas.

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“Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Gorilla Divemaster”

Fri 20 January at 10/9c on National Geographic

A western lowland gorilla takes a road trip to receive cutting-edge hyperbaric oxygen therapy, a black rhino is fitted with a fitness tracker to study his movements, the veterinary team investigates what may be causing a pronghorn antelope’s drastic weight loss, and the Galápagos tortoises celebrate their ten years with a wild party!

“Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Flocks of Love”

Fri 27 January at 10/9c on National Geographic

Masai giraffe Lily needs an X-ray to determine if she has broken her toe, but she is reluctant to be sedated. The park’s tightly-welded pack of painted canine brothers must be separated to get their annual health check. And on the Tree of Life, the smaller flamingo flock is visited by the stork with a very cute addition to Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

“Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom: That’s Amore Eel”

Fri 3 February at 10/9c on National Geographic

Sigsbee the anemic green moray gets a health check, Tequila the Nile hippo has a painful toothache, and Hank the wild gopher tortoise digs himself a new home on Disney property. Then the grandfather of the resident purple martin flock, Steve, disappears without a trace! And Harper, a beloved white-cheeked gibbon, is preparing to leave the park to start a family of her own.

“Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Chilled Out Cheetahs”

Fri 10 February at 10/9c on National Geographic

A young zebra undergoes emergency abdominal surgery after an encounter with an eland horn, two meerkats battle it out for top spot in the meerkat mob, a frogfish gets a bone graft to repair its broken jaw, and Disney Imagineers build a motorized ball to keep a trio of chilled cheetahs entertained .

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“Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Giant Leap for Rhinokind”

Fri 17 February at 10/9c on National Geographic

A critically endangered antelope is rapidly losing weight and needs emergency surgery, a rhinoceros takes its first steps out onto the savannah to meet its extended family for the very first time, a burrowing warthog gets the perfect piggy pedicure, and a beloved manatee struggles with toothache – time to visit the dentist!

“Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Gesundheit, Jolo!”

Fri 24 February at 10/9c on National Geographic

Jolo, the rescued manatee battles a potentially fatal parasitic infection that jeopardizes her release, Kianga the elephant throws a tantrum in the pool, Maathai the cheetah has a stomach problem that needs to be checked out, and Kevin, the crested coua chick shows his keepers how to keep the food on target.

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