Love Is Blind’s Raven apparently calls SK Voldemort after a split

Love Is Blind’s Raven apparently calls SK Voldemort after a split

Love is Blind's Raven Ross seemingly compares SK Alagbada to Voldemort after the split

SK Alagbada and Raven Ross Sara Mally/Netflix

Who must not be named? Raven Ross her ex-fiancé had apparently defected Sikiru “SK” Alagbada while talking about moving on after their broken engagement.

The 30-year-old fitness guru took part in an Amazon Live Q&A on Monday, March 6, and appeared to shade her when asked if she still talks to her ex. “Not Voldemort,” he teased. “No, just kidding. Not recently at all, because we’re moving on, right? Chapter Two. So who needs this?”

Although she and SK have not kept in touch, Raven noted that she is still close to the other women she met in Season 3. Love is blind. “I’m in contact with every girl you’ve seen on the show — Nancy, Alexa, Colleen, Zay,” she said, referring to Nancy Rodriguez, Alexa Alfia, Colleen Reed and Zanab Jaffrey. “We are all very, very close and we talk if not daily but weekly. … We’re all super, super close and we love each other. I don’t really talk to many guys, but who would? Only my daughters!”

Love is Blind Raven Ross seemingly compares SK Alagbada to Voldemort after the 2nd split

Raven Ross and SK Alagbada Courtesy of Netflix

Raven and SK got engaged on the Netflix reality show that aired in October 2022. The couple faced their ups and downs on their wedding day, including compromising when it came to blending their different cultures. However, during the season finale, SK decided not to say “I do” at the altar.

The Pilates instructor and SK reconciled after filming ended, and it was revealed during the November 2022 reunion episode that they were in a long-distance relationship when SK graduated from elementary school. When Love is blind: After the altar aired in February, fans learned that SK proposed to Raven again last fall — and she said yes.

“There was really no hesitation. I was actually really excited about it,” she said exclusively Us Weekly about the second engagement. “I definitely felt like we were on a great path in the last months of our relationship. I think the re-commitment was something I was excited to start again.”

However, for what After the altar reached Netflix, the couple has already called it quits. In November 2022, SK was accused of cheating on Raven and the allegations went viral in a TikTok video. The reality stars confirmed their split via social media the same month.

While discussing the scandal, Raven said U.S in February that he found out about SK’s disloyalty with the rest of the world. “It was a bit difficult,” he explained. “Hard conversations are not easy for most people. … The aftermath and the reactions that followed were the hardest for us to go through.”

Love is Blind Raven Ross apparently compares SK Alagbada to Voldemort after the 3rd split

Ralph Fiennes as Lord Voldemort. Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

The Texas native noted that being in the spotlight made the breakup even more difficult. “It definitely felt a bit challenging, like people were holding us both to a standard. Breakups are very hard to go through,” she said U.S. “It’s hard, and it’s even harder to do it with people watching you.”

For his part, SK broke his silence on the scandal after Raven detailed his infidelity in a bombshell “Viall Files” interview last month. “There must have been key moments where we questioned whether we were true to each other,” said the data engineer. U.S. “Instead of facing how I felt and how it turned out we both felt, I continued the relationship out of hope and wanting things to work out. I learned a lot during the relationship and I hope the lessons will make me a better man and partner in the future.”

The barre instructor has a new man in her life after her split — but she’s hoping to keep him out of the public eye for now. “Girl, I’m traumatized,” she teased on Amazon Live on Monday, noting that she’d be willing to introduce her beauty to fans “at the end,” but that she’s in no rush. “We’ll figure it out. He is such a great person and I am literally so obsessed. … I think I’m definitely in the privacy girl era. But when the time comes, it’s on and we’ll do it.”

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