Love Is Blind star Raven debuts her new boyfriend when she breaks up with Voldemort’s ex SK

Love Is Blind star Raven debuts her new boyfriend when she breaks up with Voldemort’s ex SK

Raven Ross has a new man in her life, but Love is blind fans will have to wait a little while for him to be introduced to the world.

During the Amazon Live! “Workout Essentials” stream, the 30-year-old reality star and founder of Pilates Body by Raven was asked about her new relationship after her very public split from Netflix series co-star Sikiru “SK” Alagbada.

“Girl, I’m traumatized. No, I’m just kidding. Finally at the end of the line,” she said as she went public with her new boyfriend. “We’ll figure it out. He’s a great person and I’m literally so obsessed. So I really want to share this with you guys and I’m really excited.”

Still, Raven added, “But we’ve got to give it a little more time. I think I’m definitely in the privacy girls era. But when the time is right and we’ll do it.”

As for SK, Raven referred to him as “Voldemort”, JK Rowling’s main antagonist. Harry Potter novels. “No, I’m just kidding,” she said after referring to her ex as a villain. When asked when he last spoke to her, he replied, “Not recently at all, because we’re moving on, right? Chapter two. So who needs it?”

And while she doesn’t watch SK, Raven stays in touch with some of them Love is blind Season 3 cast including Nancy Rodriguez, Alexa Lemieux, Colleen Reed and Zanab Jaffrey.

“We are all very, very close, and if not daily, we talk weekly,” she shared. “I talked to Nancy the other day. I hung out with Alexa the other day. I had lunch with everyone. So we’re all great, we’re really close and we love each other. I don’t really talk to a lot of guys, but who needs them? Only my girls!”

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Despite the result Love is blind, Raven isn’t opposed to being part of another reality series. “I probably wouldn’t do another dating show, I’d do a reality show, why not? It’s fun. It’s cool,” she said. “A fitness show? Definitely. Like I said, I’m a lazy girl, so I don’t know what kind of fitness we’ll be doing on the show, but you know, I would. I think it’s fun. You need more fun things that don’t revolve around your love life on camera.”

At the end the Love is blind, Raven and SK decided not to get married, but initially tried to make things work from a distance. However, just days after the Season 3 reunion episode aired, new allegations surfaced on TikTok that SK cheated on Raven with women who claimed he told them that his romance with her was for the entire show.

“I found out on TikTok with the rest of the world,” Raven told ET of the cheating allegations. “That’s how it happened and that’s fine now, but yeah, when the world found out, that’s when I found out about it, and we had to work through that together.”

The reality star also teased her new relationship and dating again with ET, gushing, “It’s literally funny. I think it’s so funny. I love it.”

As for his biggest takeaway Love is blindRaven shared, “Just for me to be vulnerable and let your guard down…Being careful doesn’t do you any good. I’ve tried and it still doesn’t protect me. I think going into everything being vulnerable is the best way, and definitely something that you’ll continue to I also want to live my life.”

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