Kim Kardashian is open to dating again: But PLEASE, no more celebrities!

Kim Kardashian is open to dating again: But PLEASE, no more celebrities!

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian will always have children together. But he is in his past. Gratefully.

Pete Davidson is also in Kim’s past. Guess it was fun while it lasted.

Kim hopes to relaunch herself in these days.

There’s just one twist this time: no one “famous in Hollywood” is looking for her. It’s time for something else.

An inside source spoke to him People about the 42-year-old influencer, businesswoman, reality TV personality and mother of four.

Kim Kardashian is currently asking her friends to date her.

And this time he’s looking for something different. Maybe the polar opposite of Ye or Pete. At least in one class.

Kim looks shocked. And we don’t blame him for the past year. (Photo via Instagram)

This time, the insider believed Kim would “like to date someone who isn’t famous in Hollywood.”

It can still mean someone who is famous. Politician, fellow businessman.

Kim might even shop overseas, just like Taylor Swift.

“Kim hasn’t dated, but she’s ready again,” the source shared.

He took a breath after Pete [Davidson]but now he’s interested,” the insider then explained.

Reportedly, the reason she and Pete broke up was because the once-casual relationship felt like too much after her divorce.

Despite major opposition from Kim’s ex-husband Kanye West, she and Pete spent a happy nine months together before splitting in August 2022. (Photo via Instagram)

“She would like to date someone who is not famous in Hollywood,” the insider reported.

The source then explained that “He thinks someone in finance would be perfect.”

To be clear, it’s not that you feel empty and lost without a relationship.

Kim is full of blonde ambition these days. (Photo via Instagram)

“There’s a lot going on with Kim that makes her happy,” the insider emphasized at the time.

However, the source argued: “She would also like to share all of this with a partner.”

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That makes sense! Not everyone wants a relationship, and relationships can take many forms. But Kim clearly knows what works for her — and hopefully what doesn’t.

Kim Kardashian: Kanye Said My Career Was Over After I Left Him!
Kim Kardashian looks freaked out on Kardashians. (Photo via Instagram)

At first, Kim and Pete got together for fun. It could have been a one-off. Partly to satisfy his curiosity about Kim’s BDE.

(Notably, Big Dick Energy doesn’t necessarily mean that the person has a big penis, or a penis at all. For many, it’s more about casual confidence)

A weekend getaway turned into a nine-month relationship. Allegedly, their busy schedules meant they spent too much time apart to make things work. As noted, some reports have suggested other causes.

Kanye West in mind
Kanye is seen here, presumably dreaming up new ways to be a jerk. (Photo via Getty)

Of course, while so many people enjoyed talking about Kim and Pete’s romance while it lasted, that sentiment wasn’t universal.

In many ways, Kanye West acted like he and Kim were still married — long after their split.

The same erratic, toxic behavior that ended their marriage only intensified in light of her dating Pete. He didn’t handle it well.

Kanye couldn’t let go. In private, he reportedly complained to Charles the Great while demanding support, lamenting that his “wife” was dating a man with a “10-inch penis.”

What at The Hollywood Gossip You can’t currently check Pete Davidson’s dong dimensions.

And he infamously produced a stop-motion music video depicting Pete’s kidnapping, live funeral and apparent murder. Alarming stuff.

We don’t know how Kanye will react to Kim’s next relationship.

After last year’s alarmingly pro-Hitler debacle, Ye lost some supporters and many business contacts. Many hope that the downward spiral was a wake-up call for his abhorrent behavior.

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But we suspect many would risk Kanye’s wrath—and worse—to be Kim’s next arm. And apparently he deals with finances. Who knew?

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