Josh Seiter dating in love after closing: Glorietta: “My Person”

Josh Seiter dating in love after closing: Glorietta: “My Person”

Josh Seiter he found his “eternal person” with another fellow reality star, he says In touch exclusively about his new girlfriend, Love After Lockup alum Glorietta Besos. Their romantic relationship followed Josh’s split in December 2022 90 day fiance alum Karine Staehle.

THE cheeky woman from a veterinarian Kaitlyn Bristowe‘s season explains that Glorietta DM sent it to him about two months ago, but “it took me a while to see it and respond. We spent about five or six weeks getting to know each other through phone calls and FaceTimes, and I’ve never felt so comfortable with someone that I can remember,” she says.

After finally meeting him in person, when Glorietta flew to Chicago to visit Josh, he was thrilled with the results. “Our chemistry was even better in person and she’s hot. Like something beautiful. The day after dinner I decided to make it official and asked her to be my girlfriend. Of course she said yes, she groaned.

Josh has dated a string of fellow reality stars, including another former star Love After Lockup alum, Lizzie Kommes. He also participated Yolanda Leak from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 days. The couple got engaged back in October 2020, and then divorced for good the following month. Josh and Karine began dating in November 2022, but broke up the following month following a fight that escalated after Josh liked one of Lizzie’s ex-girlfriend’s Instagram posts.

As for Josh and Glorietta’s romance, she says, “I don’t want to mess it up because I know I’ve had a series of bad relationships, but I’m pretty sure I’ve found my forever person.”

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“I’m sure people will say I’m only dating because of my influence because I’ve been on television blah blah, but right now I don’t care about the haters. He knows the real me, he makes me happy, and that’s all that matters,” she continues, adding, “I’m in a good place in my life right now, and I know this relationship is built on a healthy foundation, unlike some of my previous ones. So I’m pretty optimistic.”

Glorietta is equally impressed. “I can definitely confirm that I am in a committed relationship with Josh Seiter,” she says In touch exclusively.

The California native appeared in Season 2 Love After Lockup after finding romance with the inmate Alexander Bentley, whom he met through a cousin. The couple got engaged while he was behind bars, but after he got out, their relationship began to sour. Glorietta, a Catholic, had issues with Alexander’s conversion to Islam while in prison and was concerned about his close friendship with an ex-girlfriend. The couple broke up after filming the season.

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