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Jake Gyllenhaal’s Disney movie confirms Disney+ launch date for Christmas

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Disney movie confirms Disney+ launch date for Christmas

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Disney movie Strange world is officially heading to Disney+ in time for Christmas.

The Walt Disney Animation Studios film will be heading to the streaming service on December 23rd, meaning subscribers will be able to watch the film on the streaming platform just in time for Christmas Eve.

Strange world is Disney’s latest animated film and follows a family of explorers who embark on an adventure to a mysterious, alien land to prevent a resource from losing its power source.

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Along the way, they encounter all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures brought to life in typically stunning, colorful animation.

However, the film struggled at the box office. At the time of writing, Strange world has only earned a worldwide total of $53.5 million against an estimated budget of $130-180 million.

Gabrielle Union, who starred in the film as Meridian Clade, spoke about why the film underperformed in theaters.

strange world


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“I do not know [why it underperformed]I think people get comfortable watching things at home,” Union said.

Disney will hope that the film will perform significantly better when it lands on the streaming service. After all, it has been praised for certain aspects, including its LGBTQ+ representation.

Jaboukie Young-White voices Ethan in the film, which is the studio’s first openly LGBTQ+ protagonist. Young-White, who also voted Mbita in Baymaxtalked about this representation last month.

Jaboukie Young White attends the Strange World Multimedia Event at Picturehouse Central on November 19, 2022 in London, England

Gareth CattermoleGetty Images

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– I was lucky enough to continue working Baymax and the voice of Mbita, who was the first gay Disney character across all media, TV and film,” he said.

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“Just doing that, I had so much fun in the process of making it and just getting into that character and having fun in the fair that I’m not really like, ‘This is going to be really important to a lot of people.’ “

Strange world will be released on Disney+ on December 23.

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