I’ve Come Up With A Brilliant Way To Get A Guy To Like You – Some People Think I’m “Psycho” But It Actually Works

I’ve Come Up With A Brilliant Way To Get A Guy To Like You – Some People Think I’m “Psycho” But It Actually Works

While some look down on gaming the dating world, others believe it’s the only way to make it work.

A woman has said she’s ready to do a little trickery in the name of love — and she’s received mixed reviews from her TikTok followers.

A woman said she has a trick to make guys fall in love with herCredit: TikTok/alwaysswaggin1
All you need is your Spotify usernameCredit: TikTok/alwaysswaggin1

Carly ( @alwaysswaggin1 ) humorously admitted that she’s “actually insane,” before sharing her apparently tried-and-true tactic to “obsess over a guy.”

In the video, she began: “This is how to make a guy believe that you are so similar and so compatible.”

It all comes down to musical taste.

– Go to their Spotify.


While you may not know your crush’s Spotify profile name, Carly says it’s easy to guess.

“It’s usually one of the usernames they already have. So, check out their Instagram name on Spotify.

“Or check out their real names on Spotify. You’ll find it somehow.”

Once you’ve found your profile, find the last song they added to your playlist.

“Then when you pop them back in the car, make them see the name of the radio and send them a Snap of you listening to that song.”

Carly, who admitted she’s done this a few times, claimed that your love will pass out.

“They’ll say, ‘Oh my God. We fucking have the same taste in music

“One of the guys replayed my snap and said, ‘OMG, I was just listening to that song in the shower.

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“And I said, ‘No, no, I love this song.’ But I didn’t actually know the song.”

Carly ended the clip by jokingly calling herself a “hands-on,” saying that this tactic usually gets guys to like her until she realizes she’s “actually crazy.”

Viewers couldn’t get enough of his ingenuity and relatability.

“Love knowing other people are as crazy as me,” one person commented.

“That’s so clever,” added another.

“If you have Spotify, it’s closed,” agreed a third.

And the fourth said he was doing it all along: “SAY I THINK THAT’S WHAT I MADE SO UNIQUE.”

But others thought the idea went too far.

“Idk this is a desperate feeling and I will never go this far for any man. If we have the same taste in music, then yes, if not, then no,” commented one.

“No, because if you just want a guy, just ask him out,” agreed another.

“This is too crazy,” chimed in a third.

Some thought the idea was brilliant, while others thought it was crazyCredit: TikTok/alwaysswaggin1

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