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Is STRANGE WORLD streaming? Here’s when it might be on Disney+

Is STRANGE WORLD streaming?  Here’s when it might be on Disney+

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Strange world hits theaters today, November 23. But after years of the pandemic, many moviegoers have been conditioned to expect Disney animated films to be released directly to streaming.

Raya and the Last Dragon released in theaters and was simultaneously available on Disney+ Premier Access, while Encanto was added to the streaming service just 30 days after its theatrical release. Pixar’s Soul, Luke, and Turns red all released live on Disney+. Light yearshowever, was released exclusively in theaters, but came to Disney+ soon after.

So what’s the deal Strange world?

Except in unforeseen circumstances, Strange world remains a theatrical release only. So if you want to check out the latest sci-fi comedy adventure, you’ll have to head to the theater, which might not be a bad idea if you’re looking to escape the family for a bit this holiday weekend.

For those who prefer to watch new movies from home, Strange world will eventually come to Disney+ and will be free to watch for subscribers. The question is when.

Disney has not announced an exact date for when Strange world will be available for streaming. And while Disney has sped up the time it takes for a new release to arrive on Disney+, it still handles each new release on a case-by-case basis — usually depending on how well the movie does at the box office . The more successful the movie, the longer it will play in theaters and the longer you’ll have to wait for it to come to Disney+.

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Watching two recent Disney animated films, Encanto was released in theaters on November 24, 2021. It came to Disney+ just 30 days later on December 24, 2021. Light years flew into theaters on June 17, 2022, before coming to Disney+ just 47 days later on August 3, 2022.

Let’s say Disney follows a similar release pattern as Encanto to Strange world. Then it’s possible that the film could come to Disney+ in time for the holidays – possibly around December 24th or December 25th. However, if the film finds success at the box office, it’s possible we could be looking at a slightly longer theatrical run of perhaps 45 days, which would mean it would arrive on Disney+ in early to mid-January 2023.

Reviews for Strange world are mostly positive, but nothing super impressive. The general consensus seems to be that it is a good film but lacks originality. Will it be enough to get audiences flocking to the cinema? Do you plan to see Strange world at the cinema or are you waiting for streaming?

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