Is romance on the cards for the latest Mail’s Blind Dates hopefuls?

Is romance on the cards for the latest Mail’s Blind Dates hopefuls?

Samantha Brick for the Daily Mail

March 8, 2023 22:26, ​​updated: March 9, 2023 06:46

  • Each week, FEMAIL asks two single people to report on their blind date
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ALLY, 27

Dating Past

I had a long-term relationship that ended after four years. Nothing serious since then. I’m now approaching 30 and feel the pressure to meet someone.

Pre-date nerves?

Totally. Dating someone on an app means you know a little bit about them and what they look like, but on this date I was truly blind.

First impressions?

Jake is good looking and friendly. He was wearing a cool graphic tee and had a beard which I find attractive. He came in for a hug, but I couldn’t get out to stand up because of the table configuration. It was awkward, one of those moments you think about for the rest of the date.

Ally, 27, has been single for two years and has no children. Want to meet someone who is “nice and down to earth”

Is he easy to talk to?

Yes, because we are both twins. It’s so interesting to compare what the world is like with a twin in it. We agreed that we would be lost without them.

Jake used to be a chef so he knew the menu well. We both ate fish and then sticky toffee pudding. He also ordered us a nice bottle of white wine, which went perfectly with the main course.

Awkward moments?

Besides the awkward table kiss, hello? No I do not think so.

Did sparks fly?

Not romantically, no. Jake talks a lot about himself, but I suspect that comes with his career – first as a chef and now as a DJ. We got along well and went out for drinks after dinner. But I was surprised that Jake proposed because there was no physical chemistry between us, even though I found him attractive. To me, the evening together seemed platonic.

Do you see him again?

I would go out for a drink with Jake as my boyfriend. It was obvious to me that we weren’t romantically involved. That’s not to say that Jake isn’t cute, but it would have been nice if he asked a little more about my life.

What do you think he thought of you?

I do not know! Jake is very hard to read.

Do your friends and family like him?

Jake is quite outspoken and very loud; loud enough to make people stare at us. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him – but he has a time and a place to share his opinion. But it’s friendly, so I think my family will like it.

JAKE, 25 years old

Dating Past

I had a long-term relationship. It lasted three years, and although we had a good time together, we wanted different things. Since then, I can swipe through apps when I’m bored, but you’re having the same conversation with people over and over again. My twin brother is going to be a father soon – that’s what I want in the future.

Pre-date nerves?

I’d like to say no, but it wouldn’t be true. My family really wants me to settle down now. My aunt bought me an after shave cream for Christmas to “wear on a date”.

First impressions?

Ally was already at our table, so we hugged – it was a mutual greeting.

what did you wear Oh my God! A pink top and a skirt or a dress. I didn’t like her, but I noticed that she had beautiful eyes.

We went straight to the menu and really organized what we liked to eat.

Jake, 25, has been single for four years and has no children. He wants to meet someone he can “take home to his family”

Is he easy to talk to?

Yes, we are related by being twins. No one else understands what it’s like to have a best friend and not need anyone else in your life.

We also talked about what we are looking for in a partner. I don’t remember what Ally said – I feel a little guilty about that. It was clear that I wanted to be with someone who had a life of his own.



She has been single for two years and has no children.


Marketing assistant.


Someone who is nice and down to earth – it’s so rare to meet a nice guy these days. I don’t like men who talk about themselves all the time.


Single for four years, no children.


DJ and music producer.


Someone I can take home to my family, but who is happy to let her hair down and come to my concerts. I don’t care about the one who isn’t being driven.

Awkward moments?

I asked the waiter where the crates were, and someone at the next table shouted, “Over there.” Was our date overheard?

Did sparks fly?

Well, I didn’t want to rip her clothes off. That means you can’t tell after one date. But we were together for a good three hours.

Do you see him again?

I’m still unsure about my feelings for Ally. I like him, but I didn’t feel an immediate physical attraction. I would see it again, but probably not with romantic intentions.

What do you think he thought of you?

It’s so hard to say. I won’t shut up, this is my problem. I don’t think I messed around, but I can talk a lot about myself. And no, he didn’t say anything about it on the date.

Would your family like it?

Yes. Ally is confident and knows what she wants.


I LIKED IT? We got along well.

SORRY? No, it was nice meeting Jake.



I LIKED IT? We talked the whole time.

SORRY? Not really.


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