iOS 16.4 improves web apps and shortcuts

iOS 16.4 improves web apps and shortcuts

By Dale Arasa
5 minutes ago

Apple recently released the iOS 16.4 beta update. Being a beta version means you have limited updates, but they are more than enough!

Allows you to set notifications for website shortcuts to make them look more like apps. Moreover, Apple TV and iMessage also bring improvements.

Even better, the new iOS lets you express yourself even more in DMs by providing new emojis.

How iOS 16.4 web apps work

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Perhaps one of the most significant updates is that it enables more web app functionality. If you don’t know, you can create home screen shortcuts for websites.

They allow you to open pages immediately instead of logging in through Safari or other browsers. For example, you can set up a ChatGPT shortcut to easily use the AI ​​chatbot.

Thanks to iOS 16.4, they can now send notifications. Webkit bloggers Jen Simmons and Brady Eidson explained how it works:

“Web apps added to the home screen may request permission to receive push notifications if the request is in response to direct user interaction.”

For example, the new feature asks if you want to receive notifications after you tap the “Subscribe” button on a web app.

Accept the confirmation and your web application will send alerts about your subscription. For example, the ChatGPT web application sends a notification when an update has been received.

Eidson and Simmons added, “Notifications in web apps work exactly like notifications in other apps.”

“They will appear on the lock screen, notification center and on the paired Apple Watch,” they said. You can also change their permissions through the notification settings.

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Web apps also have notification badges and support focus modes. If you have multiple versions of a web application, you can give them different settings.

What are the additional features of iOS 16.4?

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With the latest operating system, shortcuts can do more than push notifications. They can also perform the following actions:

  • Set up the Stage Manager
  • Shutdown
  • Set True Tone
  • Set Notifications to be announced
  • Screen lock
  • Set Always on Display
  • Intercom
  • VPN setup
  • Mute unknown callers
  • Set up to receive AirDrop
  • Set the Night Shift

These actions respond to events you prefer, such as activating Focus Mode or updating your device’s location.

For example, you can turn off “Announce Notifications” to remove interruptions while Work Focus is active. Additionally, iOS 16.4 includes these new emojis:

  • Angel wings
  • Donkey
  • Flute
  • Ginger
  • Goose
  • Gray Heart
  • Hair Pick
  • Hand fan
  • Hyacinth
  • Medusa
  • Khanda
  • Light blue heart
  • Maracas
  • Moose
  • Pea pod
  • Pink heart
  • Shift hand to the right (six skin tone variations)
  • Shift hand left (six skin tone variations)
  • Shaking smiling face
  • Wi-Fi

The iOS 16.4 update also changes the Apple TV and iMessage apps. Back then, you had to press and hold your finger on an Apple TV show to see more information.

Sometimes this will play the title instead of displaying the media page. In the new version, a drop-down menu appears to prevent this UX bug.

Also, iMessage doesn’t display Mastodon links as a rich preview, so users won’t need edits or other workarounds.


With the iOS 16.4 update, you can do more with your iPhone and iPad. Web apps have more features and you get more emoticons.

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Your Apple device should update automatically as soon as it is connected to the Internet. You can also set the update manually in the Settings menu.

It’s possible that your other devices have also received improvements. Follow Inquirer Tech for latest digital updates.

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