Intellisense Systems and HAAS Alert provide flood alerts to commuters and emergency services through mobile navigation apps like Waze

Intellisense Systems and HAAS Alert provide flood alerts to commuters and emergency services through mobile navigation apps like Waze

HAAS Alert receives data from the Intellisense IoT AWARE Flood System to send flood alerts to drivers and first responders via mobile navigation apps like Waze and emergency vehicle alert systems.

TORRANCE, California, March 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Intellisense Systems Inc., a leading provider of environmental monitoring solutions, and HAAS Alert, innovators of digital alerts for connected vehicles, are partnering to send flood alerts to drivers nationwide through mobile navigation apps like Waze. This project addresses the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) mission to create a “weather-ready nation” that is resilient to extreme weather events. Funded through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, Intellisense and HAAS Alert are developing an integrated solution that distributes real-time lightning flood information through mobile apps and onboard navigation software sold by automakers.

Intellisense’s new software system integrates real-time water level data from the AWARE Flood System, a robust, accurate, low-cost Internet of Things (IoT)-based flood detection system, and other publicly available data through HAAS Alert’s security cloud.® digital alert platforms, where they are then disseminated through traffic information applications such as Waze to provide safer and more efficient routes to the public during times of flooding. The AWARE Flood System monitors flood-prone areas and automatically sends real-time flood alerts, data and images via mobile or satellite communications. This network of flood sensors can be configured via two-way communication to indicate flash floods in coastal and riverine areas, and is rugged enough to withstand hurricane-force winds and multi-year deployments.

“Getting real-time flood data to people’s phones is a real game changer,” he said Andres Arzate-Engels, Program Director of Intellisense. “We’ve proven that the AWARE Flood System is compatible with a variety of software used by US municipalities, and we’re excited to see that data reach drivers and vehicles. I’m very proud of our team for bringing this solution to NOAA and contributing to its mission , to reduce loss of life and property damage caused by high-impact events such as flash floods and hurricanes.”

Field testing of Intellisense and HAAS Alert in the system Fredericksburg, Virginia where AWARE Flood units received real-time flood data and automatically generated flood alerts via the Safety Cloud into Waze. As the project progresses, HAAS Alert will continue to support the integration of AWARE Flood data into Waze, and deliver the data to motorists on in-car systems and via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Finally, the software transmits the data to FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert & Warning System (IPAWS), which sends alerts via radio and TV and push notifications directly to cell phones in the affected area.

“It’s the perfect marriage of hardware and software,” he said Cory James Hohs, co-founder and CEO of HAAS Alert. “Our mission is to make vehicles and roads safer, and we know that flooding poses a serious risk to communities across the country. By integrating this data from the AWARE Flood System into the Safety Cloud, millions of vehicles and drivers receive critical flood warnings, which ultimately can save lives.”

About Intellisense Systems, Inc

Intellisense Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of advanced sensing and visualization solutions that support the data flow from data collection to visualization. We augment our hardware with software that adds intelligence to our systems and can transform raw data into useful information for better decision-making and process automation. Intellisense Systems offers both off-the-shelf products and custom development services. These services include research and development, requirements analysis, design, system integration, prototyping, manufacturing, testing, field support and training. It is based in the South Bay area Los Angelesthe company occupies an area of ​​80,000 square meters Torrance University. Our manufacturing capabilities include electronics manufacturing, unit qualification testing, system integration, and volume manufacturing with full quality assurance. Intellisense Systems has engineering, accounting and manufacturing expertise to serve government and commercial clients.

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About HAAS Alert

HAAS Alert’s mission is to develop life-saving mobility solutions that make vehicles and roads safer and smarter. Our vision of the future is a connected, collision-free world where everyone gets home safely. HAAS Alert makes roads and communities safer by sending digital alerts from emergency response, municipal and private fleets, work sites and connected infrastructure to nearby drivers and vehicles via its cloud-based safety platform (Safety Cloud).®). For more information, visit

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