Insurance Apps – What You Need To Know – Forbes Advisor UK

Insurance Apps – What You Need To Know – Forbes Advisor UK

Most businesses these days offer apps to their customers and insurance companies are no exception, apps are available for products like car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance and life insurance.

Services range from 24/7/365 medical assistance to travel insurance applications to free health and fitness advice on life insurance applications.

We have listed the applications available on the insurance panel for travel, car, home and life insurance policies. All can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Car insurance

Audi Owners can download the app to make the most of the free Insurance Cover, which guarantees that their car will be repaired by an Audi-approved mechanic, regardless of which car insurer they’re with.

Users must notify Audi of their claim arising from the incident or theft of their car through the app, and Audi will contact the car insurer, any third party and the mechanic on their behalf.

Where possible, provide a courtesy car while the vehicle is being repaired.

Compare car insurance quotes

Choose from a variety of policy options for affordable coverage that’s right for you and your car.

Audi will also pay for any repair costs that the insurance company refuses to cover because the user chose an Audi-approved mechanic. If legal proceedings are initiated on behalf of the user due to an accident, loss or damage to the vehicle or property, as well as injury or death, Audi will bear the costs.

Cuvva uses its app to offer flexible coverage that allows policyholders to drive their own or someone else’s car. Coverage lasts from one hour to one month – with a rolling subscription and can be canceled at any time.

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With the help of location and movement data via the application – so-called telematics – the insurance company rewards policyholders with up to a third if they drive well.

MyRAC App users can view their RAC policy documents and update their details in the app. According to the insurer, the app provides the fastest way for policyholders to notify them of a breakdown in their car. Once that’s done, you’ll send one of your recovery experts out to help.

The app also sends email reminders when an MOT or car service is due, includes a route planning function and the latest RAC driving news.

User The Toyota The car insurance app lets you view your recent trips. In addition, the application provides feedback on the user’s driving.

Home insurance

Hastings Direct provides home insurance and various types of car insurance. Its application allows users to access all policies in one place.

Users can view details such as renewal date and outstanding payments. They can also speak directly with the customer service representative and make claims through the live chat service.

Compare home insurance quotes

Protect your home and belongings with extensive coverage to suit your needs

Saga The app is available to home, car and health policyholders, as well as those who have purchased one of their annual travel policies. People who have booked a cruise or holiday with Saga, have financial products such as an ISA or savings account or subscribe to its magazine can also use the app.

Saga allows users to receive quotes and purchase policies in the app. Users can view their holiday bookings with the company and take advantage of offers on products and services such as garden equipment and holidays.

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Travel insurance

CoverForYou’s The TravelMate app keeps information at hand in case something goes wrong while the user is away.

In addition to storing the user’s policy details for easy reference, travelers can find local emergency numbers and receive 24/7 emergency services in the event of a health crisis. There is also a translation service that works both offline and online.

Compare travel insurance offers

Compare our range of over 100 policies

Users can add coverage such as gadget insurance to their policy, renew an annual policy or take out a new one. There is also an application form that is automatically filled in with the necessary data.

The app also links to CoverForYou’s loyalty club, which gives members access to offers on products and services such as movie tickets, retail brands and pet care.

Outbacker and Cedar Tree, CoverForYou’s sister brands, offer similar TravelMate apps.

THE Vacation Extras The app allows users to purchase travel insurance policies and find deals on hotels, parking and airport lounges, as well as airport transfers and car rentals.

THE Postal’The travel app allows users to view their policy, renew it, get a quote for new coverage and purchase a new policy.

The app is also useful for travelers with a Post Office travel money card. The card offers an alternative to carrying cash or using a foreign credit or debit card, can be topped up through the app, and can be added to an Apple or Google wallet.

Other money-related services include exchanging funds between 22 currencies, locating ATMs and post offices worldwide, and locating post offices in the UK.

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The app also allows travelers to book services such as airport parking and hotels.

Life insurance

THE Vitality The application provides users with an overview of their life, health and car insurance policies.

Central to the app is a rewards program that encourages policyholders to improve their overall well-being. Using smart technology, the app records how many steps a user has taken in a day and allows them to earn more points if they are more active.

These points translate into weekly and monthly rewards, such as money on a private health screen at wellness company Bluecrest or a discount on a subscription with the meditation app Headspace. Users can track their progress on the go.

AIG life Policyholders can use a range of services to help themselves, their partner and children under 21 stay fit and healthy.

Online and telephone GP appointments are available through the app 24/7, all year round, and prescriptions can also be dispensed through the app.

Users have access to a team of athletic trainers who can create a personalized four- to eight-week plan for weight loss or general fitness based on answers to an in-app questionnaire.

A team of nutritionists is also available to help with the user’s diet with meal ideas.

Users can continuously access these services as needed, as well as perform questionnaire status assessments.

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