INSEAD reinvents lifelong learning with innovative subscription mobile app

INSEAD reinvents lifelong learning with innovative subscription mobile app

  • The world’s first business school to offer content, community, curation and credentials on a single platform.
  • It is designed to meet the changing needs of lifelong learning, given the challenges of leadership and management in today’s rapidly changing work environment.
  • A highly innovative learning journey that brings you the latest and most relevant thinking from world-renowned instructors, industry professionals and leading organizations.
  • Personalized content delivery and community participation through a mobile app enables self-directed learning anywhere, anytime.

FONTAINEBLEAU, France and SINGAPORE and SAN FRANCISCO, March 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — INSEAD, The Business School for the World, today announced the INSEAD Learning Hub, a first-of-its-kind, subscription-based mobile app for lifelong learning.

As the world becomes more complex and the business environment changes faster than ever before, future work success requires continuous lifelong learning, an approach that has evolved from teacher-centered to learner-centered. Managers are increasingly looking for solutions that integrate learning into the work process.

INSEAD is a global pioneer in executive education, partnering with organizations and leaders while constantly adapting its offerings to stay at the forefront of learning innovation. THE INSEAD Learning Hub This is the latest step in this process of shaping the future of learning, built around the evolving needs of leaders and managers navigating disruption in today’s extremely turbulent times.

Through INSEAD Learning Hub, students:

  • Join the global INSEAD community and discover thought leadership from INSEAD faculty, leading INSEAD alumni, and other professionals and academics, selected and personalized them.
  • Engage with global thought leaders and peers communities designed to bring together the best minds.
  • Get free access to the latest and most relevant information on how businesses can contribute to the nature-positive world, with unique content covering topics such as renewable business, nature finance and nature-positive governance collected and curated INSEAD Hoffmann Global Institute for Business & Society in cooperation World Economic Forum, and leading organizations Capitals Coalition, rePLANET and Systemiq Kft.
  • Get priority access to the latest research and insights INSEAD knowledge, [email protected] and research centers such as the Rudolf and Valeria Maag INSEAD Center for Entrepreneurship, the Emerging Markets Institute, the Africa Initiative.
  • Participate Hub Livea series of regular live online sessions with thought leaders on contemporary topics.
  • Get ‘steps’ towards learning peaks that benefit from INSEAD with different milestones. Finally, these will translate certification paths within the INSEAD ecosystem.
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The INSEAD Learning Hub will be the perfect complement to the school’s existing programs – its multi-format, bite-sized content and rich communities will transform the INSEAD experience into an ongoing, lifelong learning journey.

Professor Peter Zemsky, Deputy Dean and Dean of Innovation at INSEADsaid“From pioneering the first one-year MBA program to launching the first company-specific programs as well as customized online programs – the spirit of innovation is an essential part of INSEAD’s DNA. True to this entrepreneurial spirit, we have created a The learning innovation team aims to make INSEAD the practice of executive education keep it at the cutting edge The INSEAD Learning Hub is the first major new offering to be reinvented. lifelong learning.

By placing INSEAD in your pocket, it provides students with powerful tools to reinvent themselves and create opportunities for engagement; and empowers students to think, act and work differently. Its unique design is a great fit for busy leaders who want to develop the skills and competencies they need to thrive and make an impact today and tomorrow.”

INSEAD firmly believes that business can be a force for good, and the new Learning Hub model is the true path to the future of business management – ​​enabling and empowering communities around the world to have equal access to high-quality education.

Virtual demonstration video of the INSEAD Learning Hub application

INSEAD Learning Hub subscription model:

First phase: (until summer 2023)

  • free access so that executives, managers and leaders outside the INSEAD community can benefit from the transformative learning experience
  • can be integrated into INSEAD’s customized executive education programs and open enrollment programs, enriching the learning experience and expanding the diverse user community.
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Second phase:

  • free access to standard content
  • an annual subscription fee to access premium content designed for learners seeking deeper engagement across a wider range of content, live presentations with academics and practitioners, exclusive connections with select communities, and a personalized learning journey to develop their knowledge and skills.

For more information, please contact the Learning Innovation Team:

INSEAD press relations:

Aileen Huang
[email protected]

Cheryl Ng
[email protected]

Gwenaelle Hennequin
[email protected]

SOURCE INSEAD, The Business School for the World

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