In the Liverpool dating ‘community’ for those fed up with apps

In the Liverpool dating ‘community’ for those fed up with apps

Would you like to meet 150-200 new people every two weeks at social events specifically for singles?

Or would you rather meet new faces at smaller, more intimate events, such as group tours, supper clubs, drink and paint nights, cinema or yoga? Introducing Bored of Dating Apps – or BODA as it’s affectionately known to regulars.

It’s all about traditional one-on-one dating in a relaxed social gathering format. There’s no pressure to talk and chat, but that’s exactly what everyone does. Guests come in groups of singles, but many come on their own, and in the last 12 months. Attracted to something new happening in Liverpool, he rejects the dating app culture.

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The community cultivated by BODA was inspired by Jess Evans, the founder. He created his dating night in part in response to people abandoning dating apps and mindlessly swiping to get back to basics and be in a room with like-minded people. Live music or DJs, drinks and a supportive, interested and caring environment await guests at BODA. Romance and friendships blossomed from events in Liverpool and Manchester.

To celebrate BODA’s first birthday, Jess is hosting a 90s themed party on Saturday 4th March at the LEAF on Bold Street. Jess says: “Taking care of our mental health while dating is at the heart of BODA, and one of the highlights for me personally was the candid conversations we had with attendees about loneliness, dating app burnout and the struggles of modern dating.

“It’s very emotional – happy emotions – because of the number of people who come to our company alone. About 95% of our participants rock up alone. They said that any nervousness they felt before about walking on their own was outweighed by the benefits to their mental health .

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