In the eerie VR app that presents a flashback to the past like something out of Black Mirror

In the eerie VR app that presents a flashback to the past like something out of Black Mirror

A brand new virtual reality (VR) app can take users back in time to relive their most treasured memories.

The app, called Wist, has been dubbed “dystopian” and likened to the thriller Black Mirror by onlookers for giving people an unnatural ability to relive the past.

The app, which can be accessed inside a mobile-based augmented reality (AR) or VR headset, is free for nowCredit: WIST LABS

“Step into your memories” is Wist’s slogan for technology enthusiasts.

Users can record video within the app, where it uses smartphone sensor technology to create a 3D version of the clip.

Wist uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology, an innovative form of machine learning that is used by a growing number of applications.

As it learns more about its surroundings, the AI ​​can continuously improve video capture over time.

While users can’t currently upload existing videos to the app, the company is working on a feature that can “upconvert” old videos to the app.

According to Wist, a multiplayer version is also coming soon, so users can relive not only their own memories, but also those of their family and friends.

“I love this, imagine your kids getting yours [point of view] from shots or experiences,” said one Instagram user.

“But it also gave me a Black Mirror vibe.”

Another said: “Just because we can, right? That’s a question we have to ask as technology advances.”

Onlookers expressed concern that people could become addicted to “living in the past”.

Wist co-founder and chief executive Andrew McHugh told The Sun: “Dystopian narratives are cautionary tales – not proof of what will happen.

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We build conscientiously. With the help of Wist, we can remember all our moments, be they good or bad.

The technology is still in its early days.

The application was first launched at the end of January this year and has been in development since 2021.

Wist is currently still in private beta, meaning that only a few users can access it after signing up for the waiting list.

It is not clear how long the waiting list is.

But waiting lists for beta versions of other AI-based apps, such as Midjourney and Dall-E2, grow for months.

The app is available inside a mobile-based Augmented Reality (AR) or VR headset – it’s free for now.

The company is expected to introduce a paid tier at a later date.

The app is currently only compatible with iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, Meta Quest or Quest Pro.

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But the company hasn’t completely forgotten about Android owners.

The app will eventually be supported on Android devices, but the timeline for that remains unclear.

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