I’m a proud cougar at 52 – women hate me, but I hunt college figures

I’m a proud cougar at 52 – women hate me, but I hunt college figures

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March 2, 2023 | 15:25

A Florida cougar is looking for his next boy toy — even if it means stepping onto a college campus.

Patsy Mennuti, who goes by the name @hellacougar on TikTok, shared a video taken at a college frat party, a clip that has garnered more than 22,000 views since its release in December.

The 52-year-old lady is not embarrassed when it comes to dating outside her age group. She prefers to date men in their 20s “casually and recreationally for sex.”

Mennuti’s 24-second clip shows details of one of the many fraternity parties he apparently attended throughout the day.

She can be seen posing with college students in swimsuits. Mennuti told the Post he didn’t smoke or vape, but he did play “DD” — designated driver — to some parties.

When she’s not looking for men on college campuses, she said she resorts to dating apps like Tinder, which has been a challenging process for her.

Patsy Mennuti likes to date young men – and she has no problem admitting it.
The 52-year-old attended a frat party to find out who her next beau could be.
Mennuti shares her cougar lifestyle on TikTok and encourages other women to look younger.

He claims to have been banned from Tinder four times.

“Guys think I’m fake online when they see my profile,” she says in another TikTok video. “I think it’s because maybe they recognize me from social media and say, ‘There’s no way you’re going to be on Tinder.’ But I’m definitely on Tinder.”

Mennuti talks about her dating life, educates cougars and debunks age gap myths.

From older women to young men, many viewers comment on their videos asking for tips on how to find a potential mate.

“Where do I find them…” said a woman. “Do older women approach or prefer to be approached?” asked another.

“I need your help please give me a dating app to find an older woman,” one viewer commented.

Mennuti offers coaching services to fellow cougars on TikTok.
Mennuti has attended college spring breaks before and plans to attend more.
Middle River Arts

“Thank you, I listened a lot and took notes, so I’m going on a date with a lovely woman on Saturday 🥰,” wrote a grateful viewer who used his dating tips.

Mennuti also revealed that the number one question he gets from his young suitors is, “What do older women want in bed?”

“I give as——t for your pleasure!” – answers the experienced woman in the papers.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that Menuti often receives backlash for dating 20-year-olds, with people calling her “predatory”, “dirty” or “sad and pathetic”!

Even with all the hate, he encourages young men to date older women because they’re “always wet,” jokingly referring to heat waves.

“I’m not a contact person,” he admits, “but I’m always looking for a good time.”

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