I’m a dating coach and this is what it means when a guy blows hot and cold

I’m a dating coach and this is what it means when a guy blows hot and cold

A dating coach has given advice on what to do if you’re interested in a man who “blows hot and cold”.

Benjamin Daly is a UK-based trainer and content creator who boasts over 1.2 million followers on TikTok.

She frequently shares videos on dating topics and has created content on topics such as dealing with breakups and what to do when you’re overthinking your relationship.

In a recent clip, Benjamin discussed dating situations in which one partner blows hot and cold.

By this he means that he shows varying levels of interest, sometimes very engaged and interested, and other times not interested.

Benjamin Daly (pictured) is a dating coach and content creator who makes TikTok videos about relationship issues

During the video, the dating coach shared his thoughts on why people do this and what you can do about it.

She says, “This guy is hot and cold because he’s insecure about you and your relationship.

“Listen, don’t waste your time trying to convince someone of your worth.”

‘Your goal is not to convince someone, but to find someone who doesn’t need to be convinced.’

His video, which has over 140,000 views, seemed to strike a chord with many of those who watched it.

Hundreds of people posted their experiences trying to date someone hot and cold in the comments section.

Many have revealed that they have struggled with such a situation and found it stressful and painful.

One commenter shared that she didn’t properly understand that a former partner was hot and cold — and the relationship eventually ended.

According to the creator, if those with whom they are dating are hot and cold, it is probably because they are insecure about their relationship.

They wrote: “I never figured it out with my ex, he ended up marrying someone else, but I never convinced him to do anything.”

Another described how they found themselves dating someone following the same pattern of getting engaged and then breaking up.

They said: “The annoying feeling went from completely cold, hanging, to PUTTING and now nothing. Stem.’

Meanwhile, a third talked about how while the person they’re dating seems interested when they’re together, it’s not the same when they’re trying to communicate on the phone.

Many commentators have found the experience of dating someone hot and cold to be frustrating.

They explained: “When you’re with me, you feel so good, but when it’s in the text message, it’s so different. I feel like I’m trying too hard.

Another commenter found the dating games boring and admitted that they were no longer actively looking for a partner.

They wrote: “I’ve given up on finding someone who doesn’t need to be convinced. To have someone find me for a change.

And another commenter, who also seemed a little weary of the dating world, added his own thoughts on people blowing hot and cold.

They wrote: “Some are selfish and want you for their own needs…actions speak louder than words.”

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