I’m 48 and 29 year old men are the best lovers – great lovers, have stamina and always try new things

I’m 48 and 29 year old men are the best lovers – great lovers, have stamina and always try new things

AGE is just one track for Madonna, who has gone Instagram official with her new, younger man after sharing a bizarre photo of them kissing in balaclavas.

Boxer Josh Popper, 29, is the latest in a long line of playboys the 64-year-old singer has dated since splitting from Ahlamalik Williams, 28, after three years last April.

Donna explains why she thinks young men make the best loversCredit: Darren Fletcher
The Essex dog walker believes 29 is the ideal age for a loverCredit: Darren Fletcher

But Madonna is not the only woman who prefers men half her age.

Actress Jennifer Coolidge refers to a sexual encounter with a younger man as “the best I’ve ever had.”

And in a later-deleted tweet, 76-year-old Cher – who has been dating 37-year-old Alexander Edwards for four months – declared that “love doesn’t know math”.

It begs the question: do younger men tick all the boxes when it comes to finding the perfect partner? Or is a more experienced man better?

Claire Dunwell and Jenny Paul talk to three women who have dated men of different ages to find out who they think makes the best partner and why.

The queen of pop, Madonna, took to her official Instagram with her latest toy boyCredit: Instagram
And it seems age is just a number for legendary singer CherCredit: Getty


DONNA, 48 – her ideal lover is 29 years old

Like Madonna, Donna Lambert loves a younger man and believes that 29-year-old men are the best lovers.

Single Donna was dating a 29-year-old after breaking up with a 17-year-oldCredit: Darren Fletcher

Donna, who owns a single dog-walking business and lives in Ongar, Essex, says: “I was 43 when I had a four-year relationship with a 29-year-old. His name was Dean* and we met at a bar.

“It was a real confidence booster as she was so lively and fun to be around.

“He surprised me with flowers and always gave me compliments.

“Six months earlier, I had left a 17-year relationship with someone three years older than me, and it had become stale and boring.

“It was wonderful to waste attention instead of taking it for granted.

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“We had been together for three months when I first met Dean’s parents.

“I was worried about what they might think about the age difference between me and their son.

“They were surprisingly very friendly and nice.

“My friends all loved Dean and welcomed him into our circle – he fit in perfectly.

“With Dean, it didn’t feel like there was an age gap at all.

“Emotionally and sexually we were on the same level, it was a true partnership of equals.

“I never felt old when I was with him. I actually felt younger just being with him.

“We got on very well, went on holidays together and had dates to eat at good restaurants.

“I led the way in the bedroom and he was eager to learn. I enjoyed being a teacher and we had a lot of fun together.

Donna says she wants to spoil herself and spend time with a young, good-looking guy on her armCredit: Darren Fletcher
She insists that she feels younger when she dates a man in his twentiesCredit: Getty

“He was a great lover and the sex was both fun and relaxed. He had a lot of stamina and was always trying new things.

“There was a spark and chemistry that gave the relationship something extra, but he also loved me, which was the perfect balance.

“Every aspect of the relationship was perfect except for one thing – he wanted kids and I didn’t.

“The relationship ended and we ended things amicably after four years together.

“Since then I’ve dated 38- and 42-year-old men, but the 29-year-old has never been matched.

“He was easy going and had fun like no one else had.

“I’ve found that in their late thirties and late forties, most men are thinking about big things like a career or having children.

“It complicates things and I don’t want that in a relationship.

“I would like to find another man in his late twenties.

“You don’t need to shower me with gifts or take me to fancy restaurants. I want to pamper you and spend time with a young, good looking guy on my arm.

“At 29, men don’t have the weight of the world on their shoulders – they focus on making us smile.”

  • Dean’s name has changed
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SAMANTHA JAYNE, 51 – Men around 50

SAMANTHA JAYNE believes that men in their fifties are in the prime of their lives.

Samantha Jayne explains why she thinks experienced men are the bestCredit: Damien McFadden
He says men in their forties feel uncomfortable because their bodies are changingCredit: Getty

The spiritual coach, who lives in Swindon, is currently in a relationship with a man of a similar age, plumber Lee, 51, and says: “Younger men just don’t know what they’re doing in bed.

“For the past few years, I’ve been dating younger men, 30, 32 and 35, and I feel like I’ve graduated from their sex school.

“Men in their fifties know what they are doing, while younger men have to be guided and taught.

“I don’t want sex to be a series of commands and instructions, I’d much rather be with someone who already knows the female body.

“Younger men tend to rush and need to be slowed down. They don’t take the time to explore.

“When they get to their forties, they may have more experience, but they get stressed out by life and it takes a toll on them.

“Just kidding, it’s the ‘manopause decade’ when you have to take a break.

“You have to wait until they process the problems that their forties throw up.

“Once they get over it, they’ll be cheerful and confident again.

“I often think that men in their thirties are a bit like puppies. Not attractive.

“Then in their forties, their bodies go through huge changes and they lose confidence.

“An older man is the key to a truly fulfilling relationship.

According to him, men in their fifties are the best in the bedroomCredit: Getty

“Once they’re in their fifties, they come back and enjoy spending time with you and aren’t afraid of intimacy. This is what I want.

“I want them to love me and spend time with me. They know what they do in bed, how to make a woman orgasm, and how to make sex last.

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“My current partner is my age and couldn’t be better.

“It was a revelation to meet someone my age as we both want the same thing.

“We’ve only been together for a few months and it already feels like years.

“He knows that love and attention are needed in a relationship.

“Like other men in their sixth decade, he gives more.

“If you make a woman happy by dating a much younger man, that’s great – it’s just not for me.”


EMMA, 46 – her magic number is 36

EMMA STARRS believes men in their 50s can’t match their 30s and 36 is the magic number.

Emma explains why a man a little younger than her is idealCredit: Matthew Pover

Emma, ​​who works in PR and lives in Manchester, says: “I’ve only recently dated a man for eight months and even though it’s long distance it’s definitely one of the best relationships I’ve ever had.

“We lived in different parts of the country and neither of us felt ready to move and move in together.

“We met on an online dating app and decided to give it a try despite the distance.

“We only met twice a month, but when we were together it was easy and never boring.

“I go to the gym four times a week and I have a lot of energy.

“He matched my stamina and even though he could perform multiple times in the bedroom on the same night, he was still in tune with my wants and desires.

“I didn’t have to teach him anything and I was amazed by his physique.

“He was brilliant outside the bedroom and we liked the same music and movies so we had a lot in common.

“When he told me that he wanted to end it because he had reconnected with a childhood sweetheart, I accepted it.

“It never worked long term because of the distance between us.

“I draw a line at dating people under 30 because you don’t have time with twenty-somethings.

A man in his thirties is still a “shiny new car” to EmmaCredit: Getty

“I need someone who can talk to adults on dates.

“But I’d rather choose a man in his thirties than in his fifties every time.”

“I’ve dated men in their fifties, and compared to someone in their mid-thirties, they were really disappointing and a real disappointment.

“They were overconfident despite being incompetent and just not that good in bed.

“One man I was in a relationship with was 52, arrogant and didn’t have the stamina or physical appeal to back it up.

“Another who was in his 50s struggled to go the distance in the bedroom, which was disappointing and many men let themselves go in this decade.

“Younger men are where it’s at. They are open, cheerful and do not snore. They are the shiny cars – not the old blaster.”

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