How to Read Classics for Free on Android: The 4 Best Apps

How to Read Classics for Free on Android: The 4 Best Apps

Reading classic literature is like exercise. You know you need it. You understand the benefits. But getting started, like training, can be daunting.

If you have an Android device, you don’t have to. Below are the best ways to read classic literature for free.

1. Serial reader

Do you have time to watch another episode of your favorite sitcom? Then you have time to reach your daily quota in Serial Reader. The aptly named Serial Reader produces the classic illuminated series, sending daily batches that can be read in roughly 20 minutes.

If you find a book that interests you, you can subscribe to it or add it to your Read Later list. Each book list includes similar titles that you will enjoy. From Greek tragedies to The Mark of Zorro, you’re sure to find something of value.

Subscribe to new books works like a podcast app. When you subscribe to a book, select + New seriesthen select the genre you want or view the most popular, latest or trending series.

This is a brilliant concept from Michael Schmitt, the developer of Serial Reader. He understands the frustration many people have with reading the classics. But reading in bite-sized chunks makes reading these works of art approachable and ultimately satisfying.

Download: Serial reader (free, in-app purchase available)

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2. Amazon Kindle

Did you know that you can read your Kindle library on virtually any device, including Android? You know. It’s an easy way to tackle classic literature on a familiar platform.

Sign in to your Amazon account and your Kindle library will appear. Unfortunately, you can’t buy books with the Kindle app on Android. Instead, you have to purchase them in a web browser and then return to the Kindle app to read them.

As for Amazon’s selection of classic literature, well, we’re talking about Amazon. We’ve found over 10,000 free classic light books, from ‘Les Misérables’ to ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’.

Download: Amazon Kindle (Free)

3. Libby

Don’t forget your local library! Many libraries allow you to view digital content. You can even stream movies, TV shows and music from your local library!

Libby makes it easy to view eBooks from your library. Open the app, find your local library and add your library card. If you don’t have a card, that’s okay too! Libby will help you get a library card at the nearest branch.

Tap a book to read a sample and learn more about its availability. Then check it out and read or listen to the book on Libby.

Every library is different. The classic literature you find will inevitably vary. However, in our local branch, we have found a number of titles, including audiobooks that you can view and listen to in the app.

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Download: Libby (Free)

4. Aldiko Next

Aldiko Next lets you import downloaded ebooks (or entire folders if you have a huge digital pile of downloaded classic lit) from sites like Project Gutenberg or You can even import and read CBZ files if you want to read classic comics.

Aldiko Next also has a public library option, but it is highly limited. It is only available in a few countries such as Italy, France and Canada. Even then, you can only choose from a few libraries. It was easy to add and read a book in the app, but not practical for everyone.

You can also import eBooks by source, such as from an HTML file. We found the HTML version of “The Sun Is Rises” by Ernest Hemingway and added the URL to the app. The book has been added to our catalog for you to read. When viewing in HTML, we couldn’t bookmark our location, but it was all on one page, so it was easy to read. We’ll take it.

Download: Aldiko Next (free)

Read the classics with these useful Android apps

The wise sages of long ago could not have fathomed the access we have to the greatest stories of mankind. Thanks to these convenient apps, you can now read them on your Android device. So open one of the stories and discover what makes them timeless!

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