How to prepare your application profile for dating sunday 2023

How to prepare your application profile for dating sunday 2023

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The time is almost here (Image: Getty Images)

The date is coming soon on Sunday. Are you ready to get back out there?

After the Christmas lull comes Date Sunday – the busiest day of the year for apps.

It usually falls on the first Sunday of the New Year, but since it was New Year’s Day 2023 and hangovers were probably common, we expect to get it a week later on January 8th.

This makes a lot of sense given the “new year, new me” energy that pervades this time of year.

Dating app Inner Circle predicts a 30% increase in matches and conversations on Sundays, and a 40% increase in new members.

Thanks to the increase in activity that day, the app’s experts also expect users to have a 30% higher chance of dating.

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Inner Circle CEO Masha Kodden calls it “the Super Bowl of the dating world,” adding: “2022 has been a tough year for singles. With rising inflation and higher costs, we’ve seen toxic trends like winter coat, where singles return to a familiar ex instead of dating new people for cuffing season, and ditching them when the weather turns.

“But with so many people rushing to apps on Date Sunday, this is the best time for daters to break that cycle, put their best foot forward and meet someone.”

If you’re looking to get your profile ready for the big day, here are some tips from the app’s in-house dating expert, Crystal Cansdale…

Quality and quantity

Crystal says it’s important to take what you say in your profile seriously.

“While we always preach quality over quantity when it comes to conversation, a dating app profile requires both,” he explains.

“Make sure your profile is absolutely packed with great photos and well-thought-out calls to action – it’s a proven way to get 20% more engagement. It’s simple: it gives more work to others.

“Try adding your favorite restaurant, an activity you’ve always wanted to do, or a bucket-list vacation destination as much as possible to get the conversation started.”

Less is not more

It’s a simple principle, but it’s worth repeating – the more you try, the more likely you are to succeed.

That doesn’t mean you should let the apps gobble you up, but if something’s worth it, it’s worth the effort.

“The data shows that the more active you are, the more engagement you’ll get and the more times you’ll appear in front of other daters,” Crystal said.

‘Send a few likes every day and show yourself off to people you have things in common with.’

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Could Sunday be your day? (Image by Getty Images)

Be authentic

There’s a difference between doing your best and trying to be someone you’re not.

“More than half (53%) of singles say an authentic, unfiltered photo tops their list of what they want to see from others,” said Crystal.

“So, make sure you put your authentic self forward in your photos and add some natural shots that show your personality and who you are.”

Be clear about what you want

Going out, experimenting, and having fun is great, but it’s still a good idea to have an idea of ​​what you’re looking for, whether it’s something serious or something low-key.

“It’s important to state your dating intentions,” Crystal said. ‘Would you like to meet someone who wants to explore the new city for a few days? Are you trying to date again after a break? Looking for something longer term?

“It’s all right if you’re ahead.” Be clear about what you’re looking for in your bio and when you start chatting – this will help you attract the right people and the best matches.

Time it well

When the date falls on a Sunday, the best time of day to start swiping is in the evening.

“It turns out that 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. is the best time to pull,” Crystal said.

“Go online in the evening if you want to strike while others are scrolling.”

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