How to customize Nothing headphones with the Nothing X app

How to customize Nothing headphones with the Nothing X app

The rise of truly wireless earbuds has brought not only technological advancements, but also the unparalleled convenience of snapping two tiny earbuds in and not having to worry about any wires. Most high-end TWS earphones have tons of customizable features.

With the launch of its first product, the Nothing Ear (1) earphones, the company also released a companion application for Android and iPhone. If you own a pair of Nothing headphones, read on to find out how to get the most out of the Nothing X app.

Download and setup the Nothing X app

Unlike some brands that integrate the audio controls for their own audio products directly into the Bluetooth settings, you’ll need to download the Nothing X app to customize the controls and listening experience of the Nothing earphones. The app is free and compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Download: Nothing X for Android | iOS (free)

The onboarding process of the app should be easy to follow and the headset will be connected in no time, especially if it’s already connected to your phone. You can optionally create a Nothing account, but this is not required to configure the headset.

Customize the Nothing headphone controls

Neither earbud has volume and active noise canceling controls, and you can customize these actions for each earbud. Depending on the model of the Nothing tab, you can modify the tap, squeeze, and slide controls to perform the following actions:

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  • Previous issue
  • Next number
  • Voice assistant
  • Noise filtering

Apart from these customizable triggers, some actions like double tap to answer calls, tap and hold to reject calls, and sliding the volume controls are not customizable.

Change the Equalizer and Noise Cancellation settings

The headphone equalizer settings allow you to choose from four different presets, each with a unique soundstage. With some Nothing earphone models, you can fine-tune the EQ band for a more personalized sound experience.

On compatible models, touch and hold to switch between noise canceling modes. Furthermore, with the help of the application, you can set how strong the noise filtering should be.

Update the firmware of Nothing Earphones

The biggest advantage of high-tech wearables with a companion app is support for firmware updates. Manufacturers update their earphones from time to time.

These not only bring bug fixes, but also expand the functionality of the product by introducing new functions, and the Nothing earphone series is no exception.

Tap the settings gear icon in the Nothing X app and you should see the Basic software update option that automatically checks for available updates and installs them on your headset.

You can also toggle in-ear sensing and low latency in the settings. THE Find my earphones The option helps you locate each of your earbuds by making a loud squeaking sound in them.

Relax, nothing is controlling you

Although the Nothing headphones work perfectly with the default navigation and noise controls, you can customize them to your liking with the Nothing X app.

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While the app was initially launched just for Ear (1) users, the redesign and streamlined naming conventions lead us to believe it will be the hub for all Nothing products and accessories going forward.

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