“How it feels to live my dream”

“How it feels to live my dream”

TikTok is swooning over a woman’s date with a guy she met on the dating app Hinge.

London-based content creator Klaudia (@klaudiacloud_) made many TikTokers jealous when she posted a video of a guy she’s dating getting a tattoo.

“I met a guy on Hinge and he tattooed me on our date,” she writes.

In the video, Klaudia’s date – now her boyfriend – places the stencil on her inner arm and begins to tattoo it. The final clip shows the result, a sweet and simple rose.

“How it feels to live my dream”

Commenters were quick to share their jealousy that Klaudia was living out their fantasies.

“It’s so cute and intimate,” someone replied.

“This is now my forever of what a first date should be,” wrote another.

“How does it feel to live my dream?” asked one user.

On the other hand, some commenters cautioned others against getting tattoos on first dates, noting that it could be a “forever memory” if they break up.

Klaudia posted an additional video to clear up any misunderstandings about her relationship. In it, she notes that the tattoo wasn’t given on their first date—they’ve actually been dating for a while.

“I’ve been dating this guy for a while and I was walking around the house one day and I got this message,” she says. “He said, ‘I finished work early, so I made you your own quick sheet about the tattoo you asked for.’

Klaudia only mentioned once that she wanted a tattoo.

“Basically, I mentioned once that I wanted a rose tattoo. And he made a whole version for me to choose from,” he says. “I know I have the tattoo on my body, but you decided to print the flash card you made for my new house I’m moving into next week.”

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A lesson learned? “Don’t settle,” he adds.

Online dating can be tricky, but as Klaudia’s glamorous tattoo-girlfriend story reminds us, it’s not a completely lost cause.

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