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How do I fix error code 14 on Disney Plus?

How do I fix error code 14 on Disney Plus?

The Disney+ error code 14 appears when users try to sign in from a new device. In most cases, this issue occurs because the account password has been changed for another Disney product that uses the same email address.

Disney+ error code 14
Disney+ error code 14

If you are experiencing this problem and cannot authorize your Disney+ account on a new device, you can follow some troubleshooting methods to fix the problem. Here is a short list of confirmed fixes:

1. Sign out of Disney+ from each device and reset your password

The most common scenario where you will experience Disney+ Error Code 14 is when you have changed the master password for your Disney+ account on another device.

You will see this error as login fails due to wrong password. To fix this issue, sign out of your Disney+ account from all connected devices, reset your password, and sign in again.

Here’s a quick guide that will walk you through the whole thing:

  1. First, make sure you sign out of each Disney account on each device you use this service on. (PC, Smart TV, mobile phone, game console, etc.)
  2. Once you’re signed out of all Disney devices, you’ll be able to access ‘the password reset page‘ from any device.
  3. When prompted, check your email inbox and retrieve the 6-digit code generated by the password recovery tool.
    Recover the password
    Recover your password on Disney+

    Note: If you can’t find the recovery code in the main or update tab, you can also check your spam folder.

  4. Add the recovery code, press Continue, choose the new password and complete the process.
  5. Sign in with the newly generated password on each device you use to stream Disney+ content.
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If you’re still getting the Disney+ 14 error code even though you’ve reset your password, move down to the next method below.

2. Contact Disney+ Support

If the method above did not help you fix the problem, you are most likely dealing with a platform bug that has affected other users.

This seems to happen when one Disney+ account is used to stream content on multiple devices and the password is changed. In this case, the only viable solution (if you’ve already tried changing your password via the recovery menu) is to contact a Disney+ support representative and ask them to help.

Here is a quick step-by-step guide that will guide you through the entire process:

  1. Open a browser (preferably from a PC or Mac) and navigate to the main Disney+ support page.
  2. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Live chat icon.
    Open a live chat with Disney+
    Open a live chat with Disney+
  3. Type a brief description of the problem in the pop-up window that just appeared.
    Start a live chat with a Disney+ representative
    Start a live chat with a Disney+ representative

    Note: You can write something along the lines of “I get error code 14 every time I try to sign in with my Disney+ account despite using the correct password”

  4. click on Live chat to start a conversation with a live support agent.
  5. Wait for a Disney+ representative to join the chat. He will most likely deauthorize your account from all connected devices and make you create a new password for your main Disney+ account.
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