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How Disney+ could change Doctor Who in the future

How Disney+ could change Doctor Who in the future

Doctor Who is set for an international release thanks to a deal between the BBC and Disney. However, it appears that this deal will give Disney more control than first thought, which could change the franchise we know and love. Here is everything you need to know.

The BBC makes a deal with Disney

In October 2022, the BBC announced that it had struck a deal with Disney to give the entertainment giant global rights to one of the longest-running TV shows in existence, Doctor Who. This is what the report says about this deal:

The BBC and Disney Branded Television – two giants of entertainment – have come together to transform Doctor Who into a global franchise for UK audiences and the rest of the world.

This deal allows Disney to stream the newer Doctor Who episodes on Disney+. While Doctor Who was mostly available in the US, UK and Australia, from late 2023, Disney+ will release new Doctor Who episodes internationally, so fans around the world will be able to catch the latest episodes with a single click. This will surely make Disney+ worth getting and worth the money for some fans.

While that seemed to be the end of the deal at first, it looks like Disney is also getting a lot of creative freedom to do more content with everyone’s favorite Doctor.

How Disney Could Change Doctor Who

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Following the announcement, a Daily Telegraph report shared that this deal will give Disney more control over the Doctor Who franchise than originally expected. According to the report, Doctor Who is set to get an American makeover as Disney plans to inject a big budget into the franchise.

At the time of writing, there is no telling how Disney+ wants to shape Doctor Who in the future. However, based on the budget, it’s safe to assume that Disney will try to make the most of this deal.

As you probably know by now, Disney likes to make the most of its most popular franchises. To understand that, you only need to watch all the Marvel and Star Wars movies and series the company has made.

Based on history, it’s safe to assume that Disney+ might be getting ready to produce more Doctor Who content than we expect. Besides the new Doctor Who, there is always the possibility of a spin-off series in the Doctor Who universe. However, this can be a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, many Doctor Who fans around the world will love more content. On the other hand, based on the feedback some Marvel and Star Wars movies and shows are getting, the new shows may not be as good as the previous seasons.

Also, there’s also the possibility that Disney+ is trying to Americanize the beloved show, which is a concern many fans have. While it’s too early to tell if that will be the case, this could be a good reason to avoid subscribing to Disney+.

“I am and will always be the optimist”

While it’s too early to tell, there’s no doubt that a bigger budget will take the Doctor Who franchise to another level – one that it’s never been before.

Whether the BBC and Disney deal will be a success remains to be seen. One thing is sure; Doctor Who fans will now have another reason to subscribe to Disney+.

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