How can I listen to police radio on my smartphone?

How can I listen to police radio on my smartphone?

One of the best ways to track police activity is to use scanners and listen to radio conversations. This may seem legally questionable, but the Communications Act of 1934 established that radio waves are in the public domain. You have a right to be silent. Tap or click to find out why they disagree and want to change it.

With the exception of investigations and manhunts, most police channels are easy to tune into. You just need the right apps for the job. Here are the top five police scanner apps that you can download right now.

Police Scanner Radio & Fire adds breaking news

Police Scanner Radio & Fire is one of the most popular free scanners to download, and for good reason. That leaves out the acclaimed Broadcastify app, which includes police, fire, EMS and other audio channels.

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The app lets you tune in to your local police chat or listen to conversations in another precinct if you prefer. You can access channels from all over the world. You can also subscribe to the latest news. The app is free to download for iOS and Android, but be prepared for ads while listening.

Upgrade to Broadcastify for even more options

Broadcastify is the primary platform that Police Scanner Radio & Fire uses to source its content, but the full app is also worth checking out. For $2.99, you can get ad-free music listening with even more channels and air, weather and amateur broadcasters.

And yes, you can still subscribe to push notifications, just like with the free app. Broadcastify is available on iOS and Android.

Scanner 911 is one of the best options for Android

Scanner 911 has over 5,000 police, fire, rescue and other radio channels that you can listen to for free on Android. You can also upgrade the app for $4.99 to remove ads. Premium users can also listen to the app in the background, which means you can do other things while you tune in.

5-0 Radio Police Scanner explains what you hear

5-0 Radio Police Scanner may not look as attractive as the other apps listed, but what it lacks in brains it makes up for. The free app is available for iOS and Android and includes detailed information about any police codes you may hear, which can provide additional context to situations as they arise.

Police Scanner + for Apple devices

If you’re looking for a multi-functional listening solution for broadcasts, Police Scanner + has you covered. Not only do you have access to emergency services such as the police and fire department, but there are also the usual radio stations that you can tune in at any time. Available for free on iOS.

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Fun Fact: This app was famously used in the hit movie ‘The Amazing Spiderman’.

As you can see, the smartphone revolution has put information, like the police radio, in everyone’s pocket. Why don’t you exercise your right to remain silent? Whether you’re out on the streets or staying at home, take care and be informed.

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