Harry Styles is rumored to have an Australian girlfriend

Harry Styles is rumored to have an Australian girlfriend

Harry Styles they left the country last week and the girls are gay and they haven’t fully recovered. I think I speak for all of us when I say that it took days and even weeks of preparation to decide on the perfect eye-catching dress to make her stand out at her show. Not to mention sprucing up my everyday look in case I bump into One Direction Daddy and quickly becoming the Aussie’s GF.

Just knowing he was strutting his stuff on Australian soil was enough to make many of us fall asleep and imagine what it would be like if Hazza suddenly stopped his show, pointed at us in the crowd and said, “You, it’s always been you .”

Just me? Yes, it’s nice, don’t worry.

But according to some spicy tea Women’s day, it looks like our Harry-wooing efforts were in vain. An “insider” source has claimed that Styles has linked up with the 28-year-old Australian influencer. Yan Yan Chan.

While Chan recently moved to New York, he’s a Sydney native known for his work as a photographer, producer, creative director and stylist. She is truly a versatile queen.

Harry Styles is rumored to be dating an Australian influencer and I've never been more jealous of anyone
(Credit: Instagram / Yan Yan Chan @yanyanchan)

Styles and Chan date back to 2020 when they started following each other on Insta, and the anonymous source says they’ve “known each other for a while.”

Apparently, Styles “likes to keep good company while he’s away from home” and Chan is “definitely a lot of fun.”

Who can blame him for turning to a hot, fun Aussie girl he met once? It’s like I’m planning to one day hit up everyone I met on my last overseas holiday for cheap accommodation.

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Heed this, my friends.

Although Chan and Styles weren’t together, the couple are rumored to have been enjoying a little beach vacation in Byron Bay, which is one of Chan’s favorite places to hang out. And we know Styles was there because he was spotted going for a jog in bright orange shorts.

Chan, formerly an Aussie creative Nathan Jolliffewas lucky enough to score a seat in a gold-class corporate box at Style’s final Sydney concert on March 4. But according to the source, Chan isn’t the type of girl to date a celebrity and broadcast it to her pals. .

“While Harry’s closest acquaintance knows exactly who he is, Yan Yan is the type of person who would never kiss and tell,” the source said.

He’s a bigger man than me, that’s for sure.

Harry Styles is rumored to be dating an Australian influencer and I've never been more jealous of anyone
I tighten the gorilla grip this man has on me. (Credit: Instagram / Harry Styles @harrystyles)

Scramble Women’s day it should be taken with a grain of salt, the juicy info comes after being told by another source The mirror that “Harry is seeing someone” following his rough breakup Olivia Wilde.

“He’s doing everything he can to keep her identity quiet after the circus surrounding his relationship with Olivia.” But everyone in her close circle knows about the romance. Although it is still early days, things seem to be going well,” the source claimed.

I’m not sure if it’s the potentially unreliable anonymous sources or my sheer thirst for Mr. Styles, but I guess I’m still not fully on board with this rumor.

We’ll keep you updated, but just in case Harry reads this, my DMs are open.

Image: Getty Images / David M. Bennett / Max Cisotti / Dave Bennett

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