Generative AI tools appear in Gmail and other Workspace apps: What they can do for you

Generative AI tools appear in Gmail and other Workspace apps: What they can do for you

The Google Workspace apps that appear on your phone

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The technological development of generative artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm. After ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing, the next piece of technology is found in Google Workspace. Google announced today that the beta version of its generative artificial intelligence is now available to select testers. AI is transforming the way you use Gmail, Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Meet and Chat.

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For years, Google has used artificial intelligence to power Smart Compose in Gmail and automatically generate summaries in Google Docs. As you type, a predicted word or phrase appears in transparent letters, and users can fill in by swiping the Tab key or using the Tab key.

Gmail and Docs written for you

With Google’s new features, generative artificial intelligence helps users write more with less context. You can enter a topic in Gmail and Docs, and they’ll do the rest for you. For example, in a blog post, Google recommends that hiring managers use the new feature to create a welcome email for a new employee. AI writes the email in seconds; all you have to do is adjust the email to suit your personal writing style, tone and voice.

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In a long email thread, you can ask AI to summarize the conversation. Based on the email conversation, you can go to the Documents page and ask the AI ​​to write a comprehensive summary or campaign. You can adjust the tone and voice to suit your professional goals and company culture.

The accompanying Slides presentation prepared for you

The new tools can then create an accompanying Slides presentation based on what the AI ​​describes in your brief. Based on the written content of the slide show, the images, themes and colors can be individually tailored to the presentation. Within the presentation, the AI ​​can write its notes.

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In Google Sheets, users can create personalized messages in the spreadsheet to customers, clients or colleagues about the prospectus or campaign.

Personalized Chat messages and Meet workflows

In Chat, you can ask AI to create personalized messages for individuals or a team to thank them for participating. Depending on how you feel about the message you’ve created, you can ask the AI ​​to rewrite it in more detail, make bullet points, shorten the message, make it more formal, or use Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” option for a random tone.

Google Meet allows users to create workflows to increase the productivity of formal and professional conversations.

What does this mean for you?

Google’s new generative AI features aren’t yet available to the general public. And it’s not clear exactly when the features will be available. For now, Google is only testing the AI ​​in English to make sure it works properly.

According to Google, the company is ensuring that users are still in control of AI and how it is written. This means that the option is always available to edit the output of the AI.

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