From sexual well-being to connecting with like-minded communities, femtech apps that make being a woman easier, healthier and more fun

From sexual well-being to connecting with like-minded communities, femtech apps that make being a woman easier, healthier and more fun

Every pregnancy is different, so both first-time and experienced moms can benefit from using pregnancy apps like Ovia Pregnancy & Baby Tracker and What to Expect, which recommend healthy eating plans, track fetal movements and body changes , and have a built-in notification. reminder function for medical appointments, drug treatment times, etc.

From skin consultations and sleeping pills to productivity and alertness, there’s an app for every need. Although most of them cater to all genders, they also have categories specifically focused on women. For example, the app My Possible Self features yoga exercises and podcasts that emphasize self-love and body positivity for a female audience.

There are also holistic health apps specifically aimed at women, such as Exhale – BIWOC Well-Being, an emotional wellness app designed by Black, Indigenous and Women of Color (BIWOC) for those in the same community. BIWOC offers individuals “soul medicine”: practices that help them “let go of all that does not serve and breathe in life, energy, healing and love.”

In the real world, women’s well-being and empowerment is an ongoing battle. Women’s needs are often ignored or stigmatized, and those who speak up are often silenced, ignored or attacked. Fortunately, there are apps that help bypass the culture of dismissing women and offer them a safe space to connect, communicate, and be heard.

Take Peanut App: Find Mum Friend, for example, which, despite its name, isn’t just for mums. It’s a social networking app that connects “women at every stage of a woman’s life: fertility, pregnancy, motherhood or menopause.” Peanut connects you with like-minded women near you, even if you’re not in one of the aforementioned life stages, and fosters a sense of community through expert-curated discussion forums and live audio chats.

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Okay, so luxury travel isn’t just for women, and it shouldn’t be, but for all the gender-specific biases and challenges women face, we definitely deserve to treat ourselves to the best every once in a while and make the process as comfortable as possible. . Membership-based hotel booking app HoteLux – which launched in Hong Kong last month – offers a curated and unrivaled selection of the world’s most desirable luxury hotels, with instant access to the best available deals. Although not exclusively for women, certain features such as hotel credits for spa treatments are sure to appeal to many women.

A conversation about empowerment cannot be complete without acknowledging the importance of sexual needs, desires, and fulfillment. And while there is still a significant taboo associated with women’s sexuality, certain apps allow them to explore female pleasures without shame. For example, the Lioness: Sexual Health Tracker app, paired with the Lioness massager, allows users to track the intensity and duration of their orgasms, so that data can improve practice—and, of course, practice makes perfect.

Meanwhile, the HER dating app connects more than ten million people in the LGBTQ+ community. According to the description on the Apple App Store, it’s an app “built by queers for queers” and provides a safe dating and chat platform for queer women, lesbian, bi, non-binary, trans and gender non-conforming people around the world . .

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