Free local marketing app for small and medium businesses – South Coast Herald

Free local marketing app for small and medium businesses – South Coast Herald

In order to support Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMME), two young women from Oshaben recently launched a mobile application (App) to help and empower SMEs to manage their time.
The app called “Emilohi” is the brainchild of Sinegugu (28) and Yamandosi (24) Cele.
According to the duo, the App aims to help users manage their daily lives by scheduling and booking appointments from various providers.

They added that the App offers a range of services from doctors to cleaners and is free to download.
Sinegugu told Fever that since it is a new venture, they are not looking to make a profit yet, but are trying to raise awareness of the App while helping SMEs with free marketing.

Sinegugu Cele is one of the founders of the Emilohi mobile application. PHOTO: RELEASED

“The App has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to find different providers, assess their work, compare their prices, book appointments, and send reminders and notifications so you don’t forget important appointments. Our daily lives are based on technology. We order food, transport, clothes, socialize online and bank online. Despite our age, we all fundamentally exist in the digital age. Businesses have been forced to invest in their digital presence as business operations have changed. Some have succeeded, others have difficulties. The transition is a challenge for certain industries to move their operations into the digital space. Through research and dedication, we have discovered that all industries can thrive in the digital space. That is why we created our Emilohi mobile app,” said Sinegugu.
He added that Emilohi’s intention was to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) to the South Coast, saying the application was inclusive of all areas.

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Whether you want to hire iMvunulo for uMemulo or make an appointment with a doctor/specialist. Now you can access these providers through a single app without searching the entire web. A mobile app available to everyone, whether they are still in school, self-employed, retired or business owners, will find it useful and make their lives more convenient,” he said, adding that entrepreneurs are encouraged to start their businesses. It is listed under Emilohi.
He said it’s a great marketing tool and makes branding easier.
Emilohi co-founder Yamandosi said the aim is to inspire black people and create a practical plan on how they can work together to rebuild KZN’s economy by getting behind local businesses.
He said they are reimagining the business world by bringing a local doctor’s services to smartphones and the catering services of local chefs to the public.
“The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store and Huawei App Gallery. It will be available on the IOS App Store soon. Visit for more information, he said.


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