Farpointe updates Conekt Wallet app, adds contactless activation

Farpointe updates Conekt Wallet app, adds contactless activation

The app’s new feature is designed to raise the bar on mobile credentials convenience.

SAN JOSE, CA Farpointe Data, an access control industry OEM for RFID readers and credentials, has announced the latest update to the Conekt Wallet App. Designed for iOS and Android smartphones, the update improves the user experience with a new touchless activation feature.

Contactless activation allows selected mobile credentials to be automatically activated when within range of a supported Conekt mobile-ready reader. This feature improves the convenience of access control for users using mobile technology, the company claims.

To enable contactless activation in the Conekt Wallet app, users first turn on contactless activation in the app’s menu settings. A mobile access credential is then assigned a “Favorite” status in the Wallet application.

After activating the new function, contactless activation will be enabled as soon as the Conekt application is opened. When the mobile device is within the mobile reading range of a supported Conekt reader, the mobile access credentials are automatically activated. By default, the read range is usually about four inches (102 mm).

“This is a feature that many mobile access users have requested,” explains Scott Lindley, CEO of Farpointe Data. “This is the next level of convenience in the evolution of mobile access credentials. With contactless activation, the user can start the Conekt app on their smartphone in the morning at home. Then, as they move around their office during the work day, they simply need to present their smartphone to the reader to gain access. It’s so easy.”

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After launching the Conekt app, contactless activation works for 12 hours with the Conekt app in the foreground or background and by turning the smartphone screen on or off. After this 12-hour period, contactless activation is automatically turned off. It can be re-enabled by simply bringing the Conekt app back to the front of your mobile device – starting a new 12-hour contactless activation session. Contactless activation requires Conekt app version and is supported by Conekt mobile-compatible readers running version 8 or later.

“We are constantly striving to break down the barriers that allow security integrators to deliver the best access control systems to their customers,” says Lindley. “Improving the convenience of mobile access credentials is another step towards making Conekt the easiest-to-use mobile access credential solution on the market.”

The Conekt Wallet App update is now available in the Apple App Store for iOS-based devices and Google Play for Android-based devices.

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