Everything you need to know about mobile app review and testing

Everything you need to know about mobile app review and testing

In recent years, peer-to-peer recommendations seem to have overtaken digital marketing as consumers have become more skeptical of the latter. In fact, mobile app reviews and ratings have become the biggest driver of business discovery and customer conversion. As a result, you can get paid to review apps on your phone because positive ratings and reviews carry more weight than ever before. They are the gateway to the success of various business objectives focused on the business application.

While positive app reviews are important for creating a great first impression, maintaining them can be challenging. In fact, you can’t leave it up to users to rate or review. Instead, you should test the app’s functionality and usability to ensure a smooth user experience and get positive reviews.

In this article, you can learn more about the modern mobile app landscape and how to earn a decent income from it.

Mobile app reviews explained

Reviews are comments that mobile app users leave on the App Store or Google Play Store. Both consumers and testers share their experiences, voice their concerns, or praise the app. Apple and Google then determine which reviews to highlight.

Ratings and reviews are the first thing potential users see when they search for apps. This prompts them to download the app, request improvements, provide feedback, etc.

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Types of mobile applications

There are three categories of mobile apps. They include:

Mobile Web App: These are responsive website versions wrapped in a web view. You can view these progressive web apps through a mobile browser or work on a mobile device.

Native App: These apps are designed for mobile devices and their operating systems. Developing native apps requires special SDKs; thus offering a reliable, intuitive user experience.

Hybrid Application: These applications are developed by combining web technologies and native APIs. Thus, the development of hybrid applications is simpler, faster and more economical than native applications.

Getting started with mobile app testing

Mobile app testing is crucial. This involves validating an Android or iOS app to determine its usability and functionality before public release. Mobile app testers check that the app meets the expected business and technical requirements. For example, they test whether the app is compatible with various mobile sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS and more. They test your GUI for functionality, such as menus, navigation buttons, dropdowns, etc.

The good news is that you can partner with a platform with a mobile app testing team who can test across screen resolutions, different bandwidths, and OS versions. Mobile and tablet app testers download apps to their iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet, test the app’s full functionality, write a brief review of their experience using the app, and report any bugs. You can earn a lot of money as a mobile app tester and writing reviews, as developers publish a large number of apps in the market.

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Why is mobile app testing critical?

1. Validate the app’s functionality and usability

Mobile app testing is necessary because it checks the functionality, performance, and appearance of the app on different devices. A mobile application must be optimized for multiple devices and their operating systems. This will help your app provide a customer-centric experience and increase reach.

2. Attract more users

Companies develop mobile applications to reach more users worldwide. They want their existing and potential customers to install their apps instead of their competitors. But no one will be happy if you use a difficult to use or buggy app, so you need to thoroughly test your mobile apps.

3. Ensuring a smooth user experience

New users will delete or uninstall your app if they have a bad user experience due to bugs on their devices. After all, the success of any mobile application depends on the first impression of the users. Thus, any malfunctions or unexpected app crashes prevent potential users from installing and using the app. This contributes to the potential loss of customers and revenue.

That’s why mobile app testing is critical because it allows developers to release mobile apps that are fast, meet their expectations, and don’t take up much space on their devices.

Features to analyze during mobile app testing

Companies conduct mobile app testing to help them launch a successful, optimized mobile app. Mobile app testers are paid to give their opinions on app features. This helps the application development team to introduce a more comprehensive product, thus appealing to more users.

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Testing every feature of the application is unrealistic due to limited deadlines. That said, app testers identify the most critical features of your target audience and ensure that they all work as expected. These features include:

  • UI
  • Safety
  • Planning
  • Topic
  • Basic functions

E-commerce applications are popular. Some of their important features are product catalog, payment mechanism, shopping cart, etc. Mobile app testers download and test them on their devices to detect design or workflow anomalies. The goal is for potential users to have a good experience while performing their daily tasks.

How to earn as a mobile app tester and reviewer

There are many ways to make money online, but testing and reviewing mobile apps is the most fun. Many companies are looking for mobile app testers. Such brands are willing to pay them a decent commission for trying out their apps.

If you have a smartphone, tablet, computer and a stable connection, you can start by creating a profile on WriteAppReviews. Developers often hire testers to test their apps and make sure they are user-friendly before release. This feedback is important.

Here’s how you can earn decent income as a mobile app tester.

  • Installing the app on your devices
  • Try out the app by watching movies, playing games, listening to music, etc.
  • Write reviews
  • Complete a short survey or report
  • Provide any other feedback

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