Even Samsung apps aren’t safe from scrolling glitches on the Galaxy S23

Even Samsung apps aren’t safe from scrolling glitches on the Galaxy S23

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 “For Galaxy” chip has worked wonders for Samsung’s latest flagships. It’s a unique version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 with higher clocks on both the CPU and the GPU, allowing the Galaxy S23 series phones to run fast, ultra-smooth, and as for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, you’ll go crazy. good battery life.

Although the battery life of the three Galaxy S23 models is the focus of attention, not enough attention is paid to their performance. The Galaxy S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra are Samsung’s smoothest flagships ever, but it turns out that smoothness goes out the window for some users in some apps. And worst of all, it affects at least one of Samsung’s own apps!

The Galaxy Store is almost four times less slick than you’d expect

This app is from the Galaxy Store. If you go into the Galaxy Store app and scroll up and down, you’ll likely encounter stuttering/low refresh rates that you won’t find anywhere else on your Galaxy S23 series phone. Yes, you read that right: while optimizing the Galaxy S23 series, Samsung seems to have neglected the Galaxy Store.

On all Galaxy S23 models, the screen refresh rate drops below 60Hz in Samsung’s in-house app store. As a result, scrolling through the Galaxy Store feels slower than mid-range Samsung phones that don’t support refresh rates above 60Hz. Really, it’s that bad. One of our readers informed us about this (thanks for the tip Jon!), and can confirm that the Galaxy Store is crashing like there’s no tomorrow on either the Galaxy S23 or the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

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However, we’re not entirely sure if the stuttering was caused by the Galaxy Store update or the standard software updates that the Galaxy S23 line received, as we don’t remember it being present when we tested the phones. -initial firmware from the box.

A good excuse to avoid Samsung’s app store altogether?

Of course, you can use this stutter as an excuse to avoid the Galaxy Store altogether (except for Samsung app updates). Ignoring the Galaxy Store is exactly what we’re here for SamMobile do it, because this is just another example of Samsung’s redundant offerings that try to replicate what you already get from Google, and in this particular case, without any obvious benefits (app developers will probably disagree, but from a user perspective, it’s not a great experience ).

That being said, we’re sure many people use the Galaxy Store and slow scrolling can be frustrating for them. And to be honest, we hear that the Galaxy Store issue isn’t exclusive to the Galaxy S23, but the new specially optimized flagships are a great example of how Samsung still has issues to iron out, especially if the its new flagships generally deliver amazing performance.

Hopefully Samsung will take note and fix what needs fixing, and soon. The Galaxy S23 series of phones looked pretty phenomenal to begin with, but it seems like more and more issues are cropping up as the days and weeks go by.

Image of the Galaxy S23

SamsungGalaxy S23

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