Dynatrace helps teams build secure and compliant applications

Dynatrace helps teams build secure and compliant applications

Dynatrace announced the launch of AppEngine, enabling teams to develop custom applications that enable data insight and automation from cloud-observable security and business data.

The new Dynatrace platform technology enables cross-company teams to collaborate, create and share AI-based solutions for any BizDevSecOps use case. Now, partners and customers can create unique, complaint- and intelligent data-driven applications for their IT, development, security and business teams.

In addition, the company has introduced several new applications that address different use cases.

1. Smartscape® Health View: Enables teams to visualize the vital signs of their applications, including security posture.

2. Site Reliability Guardian: By automating quality and security gates, Site Reliability Guardian helps teams maintain Service Level Objectives (SLOs).

3. Carbon Impact: Enables teams to understand and reduce the carbon footprint of their hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Dynatrace AppEngine will be available within three months of announcement.


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