Downtown Club adds a new avatar to window shopping through the app

Downtown Club adds a new avatar to window shopping through the app

There isn’t a moment on the internet when something isn’t being sold. In this post-pandemic era, users are bombarded with thousands of clothes, jewelry, or the occasional eye-catching pink curtains and bedding.

In this daily avalanche of advertising, it can become boring to keep track of something that you find unique. Often times, in my quest for novelty, I find myself opening up the website of a brand I’ve never heard of, saving up for a few things but never hitting the checkout button. Users like me are probably the main target of apps like Downtown Club.

Founded by IIM-A alum Jaydeep Biniwale and Abhishek Doshi in June 2021, the app has over 50,000 downloads and a 3.5 rating, according to its listing on Google PlayStore.

Essentially designed to give users the feeling of window shopping, Downtown Club is filled with a variety of new-age digital brands and promises to connect you with labels that even your neighborhood social media search engine won’t find.

The operation of this storefront

Once downloaded, Downtown Club asks users questions to gauge their preferences. From shirts, sarees and candied fruits to dining chairs and essential oils, it offers a wide variety of things.

After you select some of these options, the app will show you some images of your choices to complete the quiz. He uses strange expressions in the process. For example, the page says use my superpower after completing the quiz instead of done.

Downtown Club

Credit: YourStory Design

Its color palette of yellow, dark green, pastel yellow, and distinct shades of gray provides a truly vibrant appeal.

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It also makes the website feel like you’re browsing a magazine rather than a boring digital marketplace. The Downtown Club also believes it is important to make the use of the storefront application clear on several levels. It first appears on the Playstore page, then repeats during login and finally when you click on the app logo in the top left corner of the home page.

The interactive bit starts when you click on one of the categories. The app redirects you to a new page where the products are presented. When you click on something you like, it gives you a full description of the product, its brand, and offers suggestions in lifestyle categories like clothes, home decor, and more.

Downtown Club

Credit: YourStory Design

Some of the featured categories have interesting names such as Gardener’s Paradise, Picasso Plaza, Coffee Commune, Dress District and Sculptures Park.

Downtown Club does not take care of shopping and last-mile delivery, as it only partners with brands. So, when the user clicks on the “Buy Now” button, the app redirects them to the brand’s website. You can also create wish lists by tapping on the heart icon and sort them under different lists. You must create an account with the Downtown Club and log in to maintain listings, but this does not limit your in-app window shopping.

The verdict

One of the best things about Downtown Club is the user interface and user experience. From the color palette to the images of the objects, everything exudes a vintage feel.

They also tend to feel that the application is endless. However, you will encounter a learning curve with the interface. For example, to return to the home page, click the icon in the lower right corner. This is different from other shopping apps where you can jump to the home page by simply tapping on the app icon.

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The Downtown Club presents interesting collections in some categories, such as home decor and jewelry, but not so much in others. Like tea and nail color, the app also featured prominent players like Goa-based tea vendor Tea Trunk and Debelle, who felt it lost its claim to being a completely unique brand.

If anything, Downtown Club is worth a try, especially for its thoughtful interface.