Download now! Free Android and iOS apps of the week

Download now!  Free Android and iOS apps of the week

Welcome to this week’s edition of Free Apps of the Week. Each week, we’ve scoured the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for apps that are available for free for a limited time only. Nowadays, these apps usually come with a price tag, but for one reason or another, they are only available for free to the masses for a limited time.

The list of free apps is published twice a week. In this case, the usual caveat applies: these apps are available for free at the time of publication, but by the time you read this article or actually look at the apps listed, they may have reverted to their paid status. Neither the Google Play Store nor the Apple App Store promotions are easy to monitor for apps, as there’s no specific time frame for when they’ll take effect, so they can be delisted just as quickly as they’re listed.

Our proposal: If you come across an interesting app or game on our list, but you don’t have a use for it yet, or your device simply has too much space, you can install the app right now. You can then delete the newly installed app from your device as it has now become part of your app library. This allows you to install it as needed in the future. This is a reliable way to take full advantage of a short-lived promotion.

Table of Contents

Temporary Free Android Apps on Google Play Store

Android productivity/lifestyle apps that are temporarily free on the Google Play Store

  • 500X Game Booster Pro ($0.99 USD): An app that claims to give a massive boost to your smartphone’s processing power.
  • Equalizer FX Pro ($1.99): Would you like your phone to sound better? Try this app!
  • Volume Max Booster Pro ($1.99): Are your smartphone’s tiny speakers not loud enough? See how much more you can pump up!
  • QR & Barcode Scanner Pro ($1.99): Want an alternative to the standard QR code scanner on your device? This app should be able to straighten it out.
  • ScanApp ($19.99): A hands-free PDF book reader that comes in handy one day.

Android mobile games that are temporarily free on the Google Play Store

  • Brick Breaker Pro ($3.99): This will require skill and some puzzle solving to break as many bricks as possible.
  • Truth or Dare Pro ($0.99 USD): A game that’s definitely more fun to play with some booze lying around.
  • Everyone’s RPG ($0.99 USD): Old school pixel RPG that will definitely roll back the years while enjoying it on the mobile platform.
  • Red Woods ($0.99 USD): A first-person mystery game that allows you to jump between two characters and requires a fair amount of brains to solve.
  • Faster VIP ($0.99 USD): A rhythm game that tests your reflexes and coordination to the fullest extent.
  • Jewels Classic Pro ($0.99 USD): Do you want a puzzle where you have to match at least 3 jewels of the same type to make them disappear? Then this is for you.
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Temporarily free iOS apps in the Apple App Store

These productivity/lifestyle iOS apps are temporarily free in the Apple App Store

  • African Geo ($1.99): With this app you can learn everything about the continent known as Africa.
  • Unit Circle Calculator Pro ($1.99): Calculate everything in circles with visual aids for easier understanding.
  • The solution of Pythagoras Pro ($1.99): Here’s a quick and easy way to figure out calculations for right triangles.
  • Lock screen 16 ($2.99): Personalize your lock screen like never before… or just get an Android phone. Heh!
  • Power Reverse Image Search ($2.99): Want to know where a particular image came from? This app can help.

iOS games are temporarily free in the Apple App Store

  • Fill Me Up ($2.99): A block puzzle game that requires thinking.
  • Match Attack! ($1.99): Match at least three colors of the same type to clear a row or line!
  • Enchanted worlds 2 ($3.99): A stylish adventure game that features great graphics while uncovering and unlocking puzzles to progress.
  • Crystal Cove ($0.99 USD): A variant for the match 3 genre, it is worth thinking carefully about the approach to each level.
  • Hello Human ($0.99 USD): Not quite SkyNet, but the AI ​​revolution is out to get rid of humans, it’s up to you to survive and fight back!
  • Moving story in 3D ($5.99): Mia searches for her father after losing her mother. Can you help Mia?
  • Chloe puzzle game ($1.99): A mesmerizing pixel art puzzle game that will stimulate your brain.

What do you think of our weekly selection? Found other interesting apps or games in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store? Feel free to share your recommendations in the comments.

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