Don’t wait for Meta to deliver the metaverse that is here in this app and available on your phone

Don’t wait for Meta to deliver the metaverse that is here in this app and available on your phone

The promise of the metaverse is very complex. How our immersion in the virtual world can change the way we think about our physical world and interactions, and vice versa. Simple games like Pokemon Go have shown us how to share common experiences on two side-by-side devices in one game. Now imagine doing this inside a building while trying to find the right place to have a restaurant in a huge building.

Now consider this challenge in very vertically dense cities such as Hong Kong, where there are thousands of buildings taller than 100 meters. In these buildings, it is almost impossible to navigate vertically up and down.

Here are six highlights from the podcast conversation:

· We are thinking about the AR experience in the wrong way, and we need to lead with the actual value of the experience, not the idea of ​​a synthetic world, but actually focus on synthesizing the two worlds on a mobile phone.

· In an increasingly dense urban environment, the real challenge is not so much horizontal but vertical navigation within the building.

· Imagine being able to walk into a grocery store and have an AR app perform geolocation and let you find the latest deals or where the stock of bolognaise is on the shelf. This is a perfect example of the 3D world coming to life in a very simple way for everyone.

· This expression of AR could be the lifeline that retail needs to reinvent itself along the three principles of discovery, research and personalization with someone sharing the same experience in real-time or from another destination, and you see and experience what you are. . Think of this idea like using your cell phone, like 3M made the post you use notes for. 90,000 of these post-it notes are made every minute. The new version, the mobile phone using AR, is now in our hands.

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· The prerequisite of AR and the metaverse is to manifest our experiences through the consciousness of others. However, the killer app still hinted at us, until now. The challenge in a 3D world where most of the travel in the city may take place inside buildings rather than from building to building is navigating complex and dense space. Take the simple example of food delivery in Hong Kong. 70% of food delivery time is spent navigating the building.

· Consider how many hours you spend commuting each day in a city like Beijing. There are 5 million cars in Beijing and the average commute time is 2 hours. that’s 2,000 years of human productivity lost every day. imagine having this type of near-instantaneous (faster than 0.2 second) method for calibration where cars are in constant positioning relationship. Imagine how many man-hours could be re-vectored because of this use of AR.

· At a deeper social level, sharing experiences is a key way of sharing language and memory. This is potential power under current within the idea of ​​AR.

The traditional view of AR involves a heavy device on the head or eye. Most of these devices have failed because the experience is hardly believable compared to the physical world we live in every day.

If we reverse the problem statement and focus on bringing real-world needs into a synthesized experience, it opens up a much wider range of what’s possible (retail, emergency services, real estate, education) at very low cost using existing assets (tens of billions). we all use it in our hands every day).

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Auki Labs is building a persistent AR metaverse. The powerful ConjureKit SDK enables app developers to easily create social augmented reality. However, this is the first step to a whole new set of human experiences that will affect us all by 2033.

They will be the norm, not the exception, Nils Pihl. behavioral engineer, inventor, and cyberdelic transhumanist who specializes in the intersection of modern technology and human behavior.

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