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Disney+ ‘Willow’ New Female Heroes Bring LGBTQ Love, Adult Elora Danan

Disney+ ‘Willow’ New Female Heroes Bring LGBTQ Love, Adult Elora Danan

Willow Ufgood never worked her magic alone in the 1998 adventure fantasy “Willow.”

The pure-hearted sorcerer wannabe (Warwick Davis) trusted a motley crew that included the drunken knight Madmartigan (Val Kilmer) and the warrior Sorsha (Joanne Whalley) on his epic adventure: to save the endangered baby Elora Danan, who is predicted to become empress.

More than 34 years later, Davis is back in the Disney+ series “Willow” (the first two episodes are streaming now) to save the world with a new generation of champions. The female-focused team includes Madmartigan and Sorsha’s daughter Princess Kit (Ruby Cruz), Kit’s protective childhood best friend Jade (Erin Kellyman) and resourceful kitchen helper Brunhilde, nicknamed Dove (Ellie Bamber).

Their search reveals budding LGBTQ love and the once-super-secret identity of now-adult Elora Danan. Here are the heroes of “Willow”.

‘Willow’ star Warwick Davis:Celebrating underdog return in Disney+ series: ‘Absolutely magical’

Princess Kit rides into adventure and new love

Ruby Cruz took horse lessons growing up in New Jersey. "It's like riding a bike.  You pick it up again," says Cruz.

Cruz, 24, who had a breakout role in HBO’s 2021 drama “Mare of Easttown,” has her hands full portraying Princess Kit’s complicated family life. The young royal clashes with her overprotective, duty-oriented mother, Queen Sorsha (Whalley, reprising her film role), who pushes her daughter toward a strategic marriage to a prince (Tony Revolori). Kit’s other parent is the legendary Madmartigan, who disappeared when she was a child.

“In a way, she looks up to her parents and rejects them, especially having the bigger father Madmartigan, who is never around,” says Cruz.

Kit takes a chance on rescuing her kidnapped brother, Prince Airk (Dempsey Bryk), and asks her childhood best and blossoming lover Jade to join the rescue party.

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Jade (Erin Kellyman) and Kit (Ruby Cruz) i "Willow."

“Their relationship is very special,” says Cruz. “I’m really proud of what we’ve put together, to construct an authentic representation of queerness and of two people falling in love. It was the greatest honor to tell the story of these two women.”

Protective Jade has a big heart, uses deadly sword

Erin Kellyman as Jade Claymore in the Disney+ series "Willow."

Kellyman made a big impact on screenwriter Jonathan Kasdan as the resilient resistance fighter Enfys Nest in 2018’s “Solo: A Star Wars Story.” As “Willow” executive producer, Kasdan wrote the noble knight-in-training Jade character for the 24-year-old British actress,

“Jonathan told me he had me in mind for Jade since ‘Solo’, which was a complete shock,” says Kellyman. – I was overwhelmed.

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